iTunes an Easy Way to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to new iPhone 4s

iTunes has made extremely easy for you, to transfer data from the old iPhone to new iPhone 4s. When you initially transfer data to new device, iCloud and iOS 5 make this whole process even easier. However, if you want to transfer the data manually, then follow below mentioned very easy step for copying your data to new iPhone. This method saves all the settings, applications, camera roll photos, and contacts in the iTunes back.

Step by Stap Guideline for Transferring Data from Old iPhone to a New One

First Step: First you plug current iPhone in the computer and then, open iTunes, automatically, it’ll start to sync, if it does not, then hit the Sync button. The second option is also available for you, just.  click device name that you can find in the navigation bars and tap back up.

Second Step: In the second step, you will remove the current phone and plug in the new iPhone. Here if you are not registered already, then you will be asked, first, you register your iPhone. After registering, iTunes will offer two options to you, one either set up a new device or restore from the backup. You are recommended here, select restoring option and choose the backup you made.

Third Step: When this restoring process is done, this iPhone will reboot and when iTunes will detect it back it would begin to sync back all the applications and games that your old phone had installed.

Fourth Step: In this step you would allow iTunes to do its things. When you will come back, this new iPhone has had all the settings that old iPhone used to possess.

Final Step: When you are finished with transferring data from old iPhone to new one, manually, you will have had the option for using iCloud backup in the future.

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