Twitter is one of the most used social media network in the world with around 200 million active monthly users and 500 million average tweets per day. These numbers are enough to prove that ignoring Twitter from your marketing strategy would be a big mistake. Every blogger out there should be using Twitter to get spread the reach of your content and increase your website’s traffic.

Social media marketing is no easy task and if you don’t strategize your efforts you wont see satisfying results. But thankfully there are some pretty cool tools and services out there that help us streamline our efforts and easily manage our Twitter activities. I use Twitter on regular basis for my personal and all business accounts it take a lot of time to manage and update multiple accounts. That is why I like to automate internet marketing wherever it is possible, so that I can focus on other important tasks. Tools like HootSuite, Buffer and SocialPilot are really popular for automating and successfully and efficiently managing social media marketing.

One such tool that I use on regular basis is ManageFlitter. I have been using this tool since quite a long time and I really like it. I will be sharing my honest review and details on how I use this tool to manage my Twitter account. It is based out of Australia and offers some pretty cool features which distinguishes it from other Twitter Management Tools. If your goal is gaining Twitter followers then you need to start using it right now!

There are three plans to choose from: free, with limited features (which I am currently using), Pro account ($12/month) or a Business account ($49/month). You can check out the details and the difference in plans and features on their website.

Just to provide you guys with a detailed review I have opted in for 14 -day trial period for the Business Account.

What Is ManageFlitter?

ManageFlitter is a web based freemium tool (give you a lot of free features and lets you upgrade to premium in order to gain access to all the features)  that manages your twitter followers/unfollowers and makes finding and connecting with your target audience really simple. It is a tool that gives you better insights into your Twitter account and assists you in automating a lot of things in there.

Who Should Use ManageFlitter?

You should use this tool if you want to:

– unfollow your twitter unfollowers
– Find new people to connect with using advance filters
– mass unfollowing (manually from the unfollower queue, with a limit of 2000 unfollows/day)
– sort your followers based on various criteria
– schedule your tweets
– submit/schedule posts on Facebook and LinkedIn
– Check your account stats

All these features are available in free account.

1. Manage

This section lets you manage your twitter followers and unfollowers. Let me explain in detail:


The first page you see when you signup with them, is Unfollow – the list of all Twitter users who you follow but they don’t follow you back. My account shows that I have 98 unfollowers. This very helps if you are using the follow back method to gain followers, which is the most used method to increase your follower base quickly. You can unfollow all those who are not following you back.

Select all the account you want to unfollow and then from the “Manually Process” option on the right click on “Unfollow x Later” and they will be added to your unfollow’s process queue which you can later on do a mass unfollow! Pretty easy, right!

When you hover on the profile image or the name you will get a lot more information about the account. The information is detailed and better than viewing on Twitter because you can analyze all the profiles right from here, while in Twitter you will have to manually go to each account to get these details.

You will be able to find a heck lot of detail like: bio, average tweets per day, language, followers, following, followers/following ratio, number of times it is listed and its popularity and talkativeness!

There are a lot of filter options provided, which are pretty self explanatory, , so I will just attach the image instead of going in detail over it.


Follow is one of the most useful feature to find the right accounts to follow using the advanced features available. And as the name suggests this is totally opposite to “Unfollow”.  It is a great way to discover new accounts to connect with, and hoping that a few of them will follow your back. That way you can start building a follower base.

This features is available only for Pro accounts. Here you can find new Twitter accounts that you can follow, accounts that are following you but you don’t follow them back and everyone who is following you. They mass follow feature which comes handy when you use the follow back method and follow a bunch of accounts everyday.

You can also get the list of Twitter followers and following of other accounts. That will be helpful when you want to connect with other accounts who have already connected to various accounts in your industry.

Engagement features lets you see who you recently mentioned and who mentioned you in their tweets.

Power Mode

A very powerful feature of the tool which is only available for Pro accounts, lets you create advanced filter options through all the connected users all at once, better than what you saw until now. Let say you want to find users who are:

– Not following you
– You don’t follow them
– Follow @NeilPatel (upto 1,000 accounts)
– Are Active
– Are Talkative
– Have a Profile Image
– Are Verified

then Power Mode is the option to do that! It has so many criteria that you can choose from to find the right list of accounts. You can also save your Power Mode search groups into set filters so you can use them later on and there is no limit on the number of filters you can create. Here is an image showing all the search criteria that you can use.


All the accounts that you add to your process queue, be it from the unfollow page or the follow page will show up here for the mass action. You can either manually unfollow each account from the queue by clicking on “Unfollow” button or purchase credits and pay their team to remotely do that for you. Manually unfollowing or following is really easy and quick so I don’t think you need to purchase remote management unless you have millions of followers like those very popular accounts have!

2. Search

Search features is more like advanced search which is so much better than the traditional Twitter search. Search has three types of features here: Account Search – which lets you search for bios, names and latest tweets, Tweet Search (Pro Accounts) – where you can search for tweets and Search Your Account (Pro) – where you can search for term within your own account.

The search results lets your further sort your results based on a lot of criteria like Influence, Tweets per day, Spam Score, Following/follower ratio. I personally like this feature to find and connect with industry influencers.

I searched for the term “Social Media Marketing” on ManageFlitter and Twitter. On the first tool I was able to sort it with a lot more important criteria like influence and spam score which are very important before connect with anyone.

3. Analytics

Analytics is helpful to know the success of your marketing effort. It’s divided into Account Analytics, Tweet Analytics, Account History and Email Reports. Analytics is only available for pro accounts.

Account analytics

This gives you an overview of your follower count, following count, the number of tweets, how many Twitter lists you are on and both your Influence and Spam score. There is graphic interface to show the growth or decline of your followers and following.

Tweet Analytics

With this feature you can analyze a word, hashtag, username or website to monitor. You can monitor up to 5 keywords at once. These analytics show how and when are people discussing that search term and displays its differently according to the filter selected. You can also get analytics data about specific words, hashtags, usernames, or websites, and can monitor them over time. This information is extremely helpful to understand how people are discussing topics in your industry or your brand!

4. Engagement

The most powerful tool in this section is the PowerPost, Suggested Content, Inbox and Google+ Sync.


PowerPost lets you schedule your posts to go live at specified times and allows connecting Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to it as well. You can also preview the ideal times for your post based on your location and/or time zone as it checks the time when most followers are online. The image below shows ideal time, 12PM based on all my Twitter followers. To understand it better click on the “Explain” button right underneath the graph and it will show the criteria

To further customize your ideal time you can click on “Add more data to timeline”  and so to test it out I added a specific location to it “San Francisco”

And my ideal time changed to 4PM

Suggested Content shows popular tweets that you can schedule to post and the tweets are categorized!

Inbox shows all your mentions, direct messages you received and retweets for your account. It shows the influence score of the other user and also gives you an option to mark it as spam.

Google+ Sync lets you connected your Google+ account to Twitter, so anything you post on G+ will be automatically posted to your Twitter. It doens’t work the other way around though!

I personally don’t use these options and I use to schedule and publish my posts to my social media account but the ideal time personalized feature is what I find useful.


ManageFlitter is just a tool to assist you in your Twitter marketing effort and in no means think of it as an autopilot tool as no marketing can yield successful results out of full automation. There are a few thumb-rules when using marketing tools:

– do not spam
– use your account the right way
– do not go overboard with automation
– do not solely depend on automation tools for your marketing

Along with ManageFlitter I use a lot of other tools for my social media marketing and promoting my content like: Buffer, HootSuite, link social, SEMRush and CrowdfireApp. I don’t use tool just because it is loaded with features, I use it because it helps me do tasks more efficiently, improves my productivity and gets better results. manageFlitter is definitely one such tool that I will keep on using because of what it brings to the table, ease of use and simple user friendly interface.

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Overall, I recommend anyone who is looking to grow your account and better engage with your followers should be using this tool. I recommend it!

Have you used ManageFlitter or any such tool which has helped you achieve your marketing goals share in comments below. I would love to know your thought on this tool as well.

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