Don’t Contact Network Provider Before Wiping iPhone

If you contact network provider for reporting iPhone lost, before wiping your device, then, they will deactivate your account or SIM, if they do so, there will be no chance for you to wipe out your iPhone or even display your messages remotely.

Map Doesn’t Display Current Location until the Device Turned On

If your stolen iPhone is turned off by a thief after the theft, then, the map would show the last known location of this device, it’ll not be able to display the current location. Later, whenever, this phone will be turned on, then, the map would update the location. The same position is, when you install the “Lock code” remotely, it is not possible for you to lock until the troublemaker switch on the device.

Never wipe your iPhone swiftly

You should not wipe your iPad or iPhone so quickly, because it may protect you from other logical theft. However, it will disable the option, “Find My iPhone”, then you will not able to get it back, ever. And, if your SIM remains active, and thief makes calls, you will have to pay the call charges, but it will also provide you an opportunity to locate the device.

If your ” iCloud” is opened, you can even give the instruction to the service of “Find My iPhone” for doing anything such as, remotely wipe out your iPhone and display messages in the turned off position of your device. This service will do this, whenever, this device will be switched on the next time. However, unfortunately, if thief wipes your” iCloud” information, then, it would not be found, ever.

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