It is no wonder that all types of businesses or brand are turning to Instagram to generate new business and get more followers. Here are some useful tips that most of the famous Instagrammers are using to increase their post reach and grow their following. The following strategies are what you need when it comes to how to increase Instagram followers, post reach and engagement ratio.

8 Ways on how to increase Instagram followers

1. Connect it to other social media accounts

Make the process easy for people to find you. Connect your Instagram profile with your Facebook account and let your friends a way to discover you on Instagram. Also, share your Instagram posts on other social media to get more followers and increase your post reach.

2. Keep an eye out for what works

Always keep an eye on the popular trends and create your own posts that should be related to that popular trend. Find something that was insanely famous among the people and they always want to see more content about that topic. For instance, you find a hashtag that is too much popular, check out that hashtag page and see what type of photos people have posted. Create your own version of such images and post them with that popular hashtag.

3. Use popular filters

Pictures with filters could make a big difference. Use them on your images. Mayfair filter is considered as a most popular filter of Instagram. You can also filter apps or photo editing tools to make your photos more appealing and creative.

4. Offer discounts, coupons, and prizes

If you are a business either small sized or large size, you can garner followers at your disposal. People can’t overlook the announcements when you offer some discounts, coupons, and prizes. Offer your potential audience a chance to win coupon by participating in a contest by liking your post or following you. That way, you can increase followers, post reach, brand visibility and engagement ratio of your post. Most of the famous brands are using this strategy to get more followers.

5. Develop A Trending Hashtag

On Instagram, users can also follow hashtags. This day, brands are trying to create their own hashtags (trending) in order to motivate their followers to engage with their post with that specific hashtags. If it is branded hashtags, it will increase the brand awareness.

6. Showcase Your Instagram Profile At Live Events

If you are a marketer, you can attract more people to showcase your live Instagram feed at your live events. It can drive awareness among your potential audience and increase your brand exposure.

7. Embed Instagram Content On Your Website

If you want to get more followers in less time, then embed your Instagram posts on your website. You can get the embed code in each Instagram code and paste it into the source code of the website.

8. Work with a professional photographer to create appealing images:

Posting high-quality images that are visually appealing is the best strategy to garner more followers. Consider working with a professional photographer or freelance videographer to create engaging content for your Instagram page.

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