Birthday parties are fun to attend and a hassle to organize! But they are a must for your loved ones when you want to show them how much you love them. In these lean times, let’s have a look at 10 easy ways you can decorate this special day for someone special!

Here are the 10 Easy Birthday Decoration Ideas:

Balloon Cones

Balloon Cones - Debongo

You mention birthday, and immediately think Balloons. So, here is a fun way to decorate the age-old tradition of balloons and birthday parties. All you need are blown up balloons and a couple of craft papers. The craft papers can be folded into cones, and the balloons are then glued to them. That is it! The delicious Balloon cones are ready for your party!

Accessorized Straws

Accessorized Straws - Debongo

Recycled easy birthday decoration ideas are incredible! Used up straws can turn into party accessories! Cut up small mustaches, funky glasses, silly lips and stick them on the straws. They guaranteed a fun photoshoot for all who attend!

Block-print Decor

Block-print Decor - Debongo

This one could also be a fun activity before the actual birthday party! Take an old table cloth/brown sheet, the color of your choice, and a potato! Yep! You read it right, A Potato! Cut it in half, dip it into the color and go to town with whatever pops up in your head!

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights - Debongo

No one can ever have enough fairy lights on one’s birthday! Let’s face it! It makes you feel special as if all the stars have fallen to wish you for the night! Get as many fairy lights as you can and string them along the walls of the party! You can even spell the birthday person’s name with it, to give an umf to it.

Picture Garland

Picture Garland - Debongo

Picture garlands are a great and personal party hall decoration idea for a birthday! How beautiful must it feel to recreate all the memories you have shared with the person of the hour! You need to print all your favorite memories in photographs, and glue them to a long piece of string and hang them up. It is as simple as that!

Streamer Backdrop

Streamer Backdrop - Debongo

Speaking of simple party decor ideas, how about a comfortable and elegant partybackdrop? Another great idea is to use streamers made out of papers, easily availableat party supply stores. You can use seven different colored streamers and design your own rainbow backdrop!

Floral Number

Floral Number - Debongo

Paper Mache, Glue Gun, and flowers! The perfect and easy party decoration idea! A high on demand decor idea for all flower lovers! Mold the paper, shape the number that the birthday person has aged and glue some beautiful flowers on it.

Handmade/Drawn Birthday Banner

Handmade/Drawn Birthday Banner - Debongo

Only colorful paper, string, and cut up chart paper are required for this decor idea! Create letters using the paper. Shape the chart paper into circles, stars, or any other shape of your preference, just big enough to attach the notes. Glue them on a thread, and your banner is ready.

Sticky Notes Messages

Sticky Notes Messages - Debongo

Other party hall decoration ideas for birthday are putting up sticky notes on the walls. The sticky notes could be filled with messages from their loved ones or have a funny message from their friends. This would make an excellent activity to do with everyone present and leave them with a big smile.

Balloons On The Floor

Balloons On The Floor - Debongo

We circle back to Balloons with this easy decoration ideas for birthday! Blow up two contrast colored balloons and let them fall on the party hall floor! Make sure the floor is absolutely covered with balloons. It will give an impression of clouds under your feet! The floor will feel festive, and vibe check with yours as you dance and celebrate this special day!

We hope you have fun at your party with all the decor ideas above, provided by Debongo.

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