A Puzzle Type Exciting Game

Have you ever got a chance to play the casual games to end your boredom? Perhaps, you might have needed to divert your attention and get entertained with that game. The game, “100 Doors Walkthrough 1-10 Level” is more particular. When you play 100 Doors game, you would  be able to add the Architect and AutoCAD users, officially. That many games-players are enjoying already.

This Doors’ Game is an exciting, puzzle type game. It has been created by a famous name Ozzie Mercade or SoapAintNice. There’s a blue print for playing over this. You will find buildings there, that would allow you to complete the door circle and swinging.

Controls of 100 Doors Walkthrough Game is Very Simple

The game, 100 Doors Walkthrough 1-10 Level has devices that may shut behind you. This game is matched up to the mirrors’ house, in which, you must find thrill, when the level increases. Its controls are very simple. You may use arrow keys for moving cardinal directions. After that, be square and reach towards the X. If you have  known how, to pass the first level, then it’s fine, but if you feel difficulty then , there will be a guideline for you, by this guideline, you may reach to the  Game’ 100th floor.

100 Doors Level 1 :

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 1

100 doors walkthrough level 1

In the Game’s first part, you will press “Green Button’ that’s for the elevator and tap the green arrow.  Hey Presto! You’re through the first level into  “100 Doors walkthrough 1-10 level.

100 Doors Level 2 – Picture Frame and Key:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 2

100 doors walkthrough level 2

In the level 2, you see a painting, tap it and it will fall down. You will see a key behind the painting on the wall. Tap the key and use it to open the door, you have now cleared the level 2 and are towards door 3.

100 Doors Level 3 – Egg Shells:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 3

100 doors walkthrough level 3

You will see broken egg shells on the sides of the door, match them  to open the door. Tap matching egg shells on both the sides, third one on the left and the first on on the right and the door will open.

100 Doors Level 4 – Fire and wooden cart:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 4

100 doors walkthrough level 4

Title your phone towards the left side so that the wooden trolley moves all the way left, tap on the fire torch and use it to light the wood trolley. Balance the wood trolley on fire in the center of the door so that the door burns out and opens up for you.

100 Doors Level 5 – Bear :

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 5

100 doors walkthrough level 5

Get the fish from the top right corner of the door. Open the door by sliding your two fingers. Feed the fish to the bear and then tap the bear, and the green up arrow after. you have cleared the doors level 5.

100 Doors Level 6 – wooden poles:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 6

100 doors walkthrough level 6

In this level you can see  two wood poles with red rings, tap the right ring up to the top and touch the box the door will open and tap the green up arrow.

100 Doors Level 7 – Stones:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 7

100 doors walkthrough level 7

Shake your phone in left right movement and you will see a stone dropping to the floor, tilt your phone so that the stone rolls. Roll it until the stone rolls over the red button on the floor and as soon as it rolls over the red button the door opens and level 7 is cleared.

100 Doors Level 8 – Golden Levers:

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 8

100 doors walkthrough level 8

Tap and hold the two gold levers on the side of the doors, while you are holding it you will see green dots going on, on the top of the door, still holding it you will see all the  three green dots are up and the door is open now. Tap the green arrow and you are through level 8.

100 Doors Level 9 – color blocks :

100 doors walkthrough and solution level 9

100 doors walkthrough level 9

You can see the color blocks Dark Red, Cyan, Lime , Red and Orange. Using the first letter of all these color block you have to spell the work “Door Color?” written on top of the door. Than means that you have to tap Dark Red, Orange Orange, Red, Cyan, Orange, Lime, Orange and Red in sequence to spell the word and the door will open and then tap the green arrow to move to the next Door.

100 Doors Level 10 – Wire Cords and Axe:

100 doors walkthrough level 10

100 doors walkthrough level 10

Use the stone on the top of the box to break the glass box. Take the Axe from the glass box and use it to cut the red and blue wire cords. You have see the clue to open the door in form of LRRLLRLR which means that you have to press the left and the right buttons according to the clue where L means the left button and R means the right button. The clue is Left, Right, Right, Left Left, Right, Left, Right. Then tap the green arrow to go to the next level.

 Get ready for 100 Doors walkthrough  11-20 Level

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