People spend hours and hours trying to perfect their looks. In most instances, the effort pays off. Some end up with the exact opposite effect. Here though are some good ways you can chop off the time wasting and still have a perfect look. With these 10 tips, you can get perfection with the least wastage of time.

Makeup Hacks

Makeup hacks

1. Blushed Cheeks

Getting the right amount of color on the face could be the fine line between beauty and disaster. Color enables you to look more vibrant. Having a blush handy at all times can be quite challenging. For those times that the paleness kicks in and you don’t have some makeup handy, some lipstick is a good way around this. Just take a little of the brightest lipstick you have and dab some on your cheek apples. Slowly blend it outwards and upwards towards your eyes, keeping it even. This is a good way to bring back the color with the least possible hassle.


2. Cupid’s Bow Lips

Get fuller lips | Beauty Hacks

Having better lips is one of the best ways to bring your facial features into better focus. Providing more definition to your lips, with a cupids bow, is a good way to achieve this. There is a simple trick to a fuller upper lip, and it lies in the application of lip liner. The trick is to take one that has the same color as your lips. Simply apply the balm in the shape of an x starting from the middle of your upper lip. Take care to follow the outline of your lips to ensure you get a better cupids bow. The rest of the lip should follow suit.


3. Getting fuller lips

There is no one in this world who wouldn’t love Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips, but not all of us are bless with it! The world is full of optical illusions, and fashion does not fall short of this. Getting fuller lips is a trick that many try to achieve. The result is spending a lot of money on plumpers that take a lot of time to apply. The workaround for this that saves time and money is eyeshadow. Though originally intended for the eyes, the powder can help create an illusion of fuller lips. First apply your lipstick the normal way, then dab a little-frosted eyeshadow to your lower lip. The ability of the shadow to reflect light will help make your lips look fuller (and sexier).


4. Getting thicker lashes

Get fuller lashes | Beauty Hacks

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the lashes are the frames that keep these windows looking glam always. It usually takes a lot of time to whip your lashes into shape. Application of mascara alone, even at a professional level may not get the desired outcome. A good hack is the use of baby powder. Thicker looking lashes can be attained by applying a coat of the baby powder between the first and second coat of mascara. This saves you the time of battling with the lashes for hours.


5. Set your Makeup without Setting Spray

Getting makeup to last longer is the goal of any lady out there. This can be attained by the use of the hair spray. There are times when you need to go out for longer periods. If by any chance you can’t bring along your setting spray, then the hairspray is the next viable alternative. After you are done applying your makeup, add a dab of hairspray to make it stick longer. This can simply be done by spraying some in the air and letting it settle onto your face. Two things you should note, don’t apply the spray straight to your face and don’t expose your face to the spray too often.


6. No More Flaky Lips

The simple things in life make the biggest impact when it comes to beauty. When it comes to taking care of your lips, a toothbrush is your best friend. This modest tool for oral hygiene is your safest bet when it comes to cracked lips. Rather than use your fingers and try to scrape off skin from you lips, take a toothbrush. Softly rub the lips with a brush and it will take care of your flakes. The rest should simply be done by the normal routine of lip balm. It is better to be as gentle as possible to avoid any more damage.


Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks | Beauty Hacks

7. Bye Bye Split Ends

Getting that perfect look for your hair, when it has not gotten a trim in a while, is usually quite difficult. Split ends make it nearly impossible for your hair to look great. Rather than spend your time trying to trim your own head, there is a useful hack around this problem. The first thing you need to do is give your hands a healthy dose of moisturizer. Then simply slightly pinch the ends of your hair. This will ensure that the split ends are adequately dealt with, and all your hair will look even and healthy. The damaged ends are guaranteed to lose visibility in no time, simple and a 5 second hack for hiding your spilt ends!


8. Baby Hair Fix

Flyaway ! Yes flyaway, is the problem most girls face especially when they have taken their time to do a perfect sleek-ponytail, or a pretty chignon or top-knot! No matter how hard you try those tiny little hair decide to spurge up only after you are done fixing your hair. But worry not as we have a quick fix for it! You will no longer need to undo your entire hair style and take extra effort to smooth it out! All you need is a toothbrush (a clean one) and your favorite hairspray. Just spray the toothbrush with your hairspray, and glide it over the flyaways or the problem area until all the baby hair appear smooth. If you still see some flyaway, repeat these steps until you are satisfied.


9. Fragrant Hair

Having healthy fragrant smelling hair all day gives you a confidence boost. So how do you achieve fresh smelling hair? Take your favorite perfume or a fragrance mist and spray it on your brush then immediately comb your hair with it. Do not spray your perfume or fragrance mist directly on your hair, as they contain alcohol which can dry your hair out leading to breakage and damaged hair.


Nail Hacks

Manicure Hacks | Beauty Hacks

10. Getting the nails right

The only reason it takes longer to get your nails done is the presence of foreign particles on the nails. To ensure that the finish is perfect, first take care of your nails. This means that ensuring your nails are clean and clear before you apply the polish. This can actually be achieved quite easily and in a small amount of time. Simply dip a cloth in vinegar and use it to wipe off your nails. This will make sure that any oil or nail polish remover remnant on your nails is eliminated. The polish, when applied, will have a bubble free and smooth finish. It will also last longer without any chipping. Rubbing alcohol will do the trick as well, when you don’t have vinegar handy!


11. Maintaining Cuticles

Cuticle maintenance is a good a requirement as any. All most people do is take care of them once in a while when doing their nails. This should however not be the case. A good alternative to always having your cuticles hydrated and soft is lip balm. Each and every day, when applying balm to your lips, take some time and apply some to your nails. This regular exercise is a sure way to prevent them from getting chapped off due to dryness. It is also the right way to ensure you don’t spend too much time on their maintenance.


12. Fixing the nail polish

This alternative is only good for the brave hearted with a strong stomach. Nail polish consumes a lot of time, and smudging makes it worse. Rather than destroying the whole work and starting afresh, simply just lick off the excess polish. Yes you heard it right, just lick your nail! Never swallow it, and never make it a habit. Smooth it lightly until its fixed and then apply a clear top coat on it. But it’s the best alternative when in a hurry.


Take up something that suits you, and cut off the time wasted in preparation. Hope these hacks help you solve your everyday beauty problems. What are some of your most favorite beauty hacks? Share them in comments below!

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