It has been rejuvenated for the model year, so you get a vehicle that feels and looks like it belongs to the current generation. The 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door S Exterior receives significant updates for 2021, including restyled front and rear fascias and brand new LED headlights. You can even select some new packages that include a proximity key and more driver assistance aids. The 2021 Rio is quite fun to drive, with a sporty efficiency that you might not expect at first.

The Rio delivers a lackluster performance. It is equipped with a 120-hp 4-cylinder engine and a CVT that is enough to arouse any driver’s passion. The 2021 Kia Rio is economical and proficient, as it must be, and the Rio rides and steers well enough to satisfy anyone who assigns it to commuter duty.

The 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door Never Seizes to Surprise

The interior qualities of the 2021 Kia Rio will be similar to that of the previous model. The home screen of the subcompact vehicle will be simple, with large knobs for the HVAC system, a four-pronged steering wheel, clear visuals, and durable clothing. While Rio’s design is unremarkable, its décor is easy on the eyes and offers the vehicle a luxurious look for the segment.

The 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door S Interior seems to have enough space for two adults and a couple of decent, below ordinary height people. Its 36-mpg combined EPA rating is likely all any buyer needs to validate its acquisition. Hatchbacks have significantly more trunk space, but two or three roll-aboard bags will fit regardless of who is on board. Furthermore, for such a low price, the components used in its design may exceed your expectations. All of this resulted from its previous redesign a few years ago, and this year’s mid-cycle refresh enhances it’s aesthetic even further. Find your 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door S trim, now available in the Westside Kia inventory.

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