Chicken Wings, also know as Buffalo Wings or Buffalo Chicken wings are just a section of chicken wings which are mostly deep-fried, unbreaded and coated in different sauces like BBQ sauce or Vinegary based cayenne pepper sauce, soy sauce or which ever is your favorite! In United States its one of the most favorite item, specially included at parties. Chicken wings is a must have item at Super Bowl Parties, no Super Bowl is complete without chicken wings, onion rings and a perfect sauce dip!

Checkout these 4 delicious recipes that are so easy to make and so delicious to taste! Your guests will love these!

These wings looks so delicious that you cant stop eating them, even if you have already had so much! These are perfect for Super Bowl, you can try making all four of these and see which one was your guests’ favorite? If you favor crispier wings, the go for double frying : which means you fry them once 1-2 mins on one side then flipping it let it cool and dry out where all the oil from the first fry has dripped out. Then fry them again repeating the same steps that way you will get crispy crunchy wings!

If you have any other recipe that you have tried, share them with us. What are you planning to make at this Super Bowl party? 

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