When it comes to drugs, what begins as an experiment often becomes a habit you can’t let go of. The shift from one off experiences to addiction is so gradual that few people realize how they become addicts. Once you’re addicted to a drug, it takes over your life and your focus unconsciously shifts to it.

Breaking free of this habit is very hard to do on your own and most people enter a drug rehab program for help. Rehabilitation programs offer treatment for all types of drug misuse with inpatient and outpatient options. Here are 5 signs that you need help.

You Start Spending Less Time with Friends and Family

Isolation is one of the biggest signs of drug addiction. When drugs become a priority, spending time with people no longer seems enjoyable. You also tend to look at the money spent going out with friends as money you could spend on drugs. In addition, the people around you may have begun to tell you to quit. When you don’t want to hear them out, moving away from them may feel like the best option.

Your Health Takes a Toll

Substance abuse is linked to a number of health issues. Depending on the substance you’re addicted to various organs of your body could take a toll. For example, opium addiction can slow down a person’s breathing rate. If you use injectable drugs, you could be at a high risk of HIV. You will also notice yourself getting irritated and agitated more easily. The health consequences of drug abuse can even be fatal.

Your Drug Intake is Much Higher

Most drug addicts claim that their first drug experience was the best. This is because when your body isn’t accustomed to the effect of drugs, it reacts more intensely. As your body gets used to drugs, you need more and more of it to get high. This can mean you either start taking a higher dosage or start dosing yourself more frequently. Increasing the amount of time you take at a time puts you at risk of an overdose.

You’ve Harmed Yourself or Others

Drugs can affect your mental balance. Anxiety and depression are common side effects. This can also give rise to suicidal thoughts or make you take risks you normally wouldn’t. If you’ve caused an accident that has harmed someone or have tried to harm yourself, you need help. According to a survey conducted in 2009, 18% of drivers involved in road accidents tested positive for at least 1 drug.

You Can’t Quit on Your Own

In the early stages of addiction, you can stop taking a drug if you make your mind up to. Later, this becomes virtually impossible. Within a few hours of taking your last hit, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that make you dose yourself again. This could be in the form of nausea, headaches, cramps, irritability, paranoia, etc. As the addiction worsens, these symptoms get aggravated.

So, don’t wait till it’s too late, start treatment today.

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