If you are a blogger, small business owner or someone who runs an online store, your aim must be to reach as many audience/consumers as possible. In this century, where even your simplest question is answered by internet, how can you think you can survive your business without your presence on internet?

When two people claims to know each other, it most probably means they are friends on some social media. Did you see that? It is nothing but extend to which social media has seeped into our day to day life.

So, if you are a blogger or any entrepreneur with a product to promote, what can be platform other than social media?

Though there are number of social media platforms to serve you the purpose, we have assorted some of the best ones that will help you the most.

Go through the following list:

1. FaceBook

Facebook - 7 Best Social Media Platforms For Online Marketers

Over 1.19 billion users were recorded to be active on Facebook in September 2013. It is ranked as the most used social networking service in the world. Now you can feel the massiveness of Facebook, and how important will be for you to tap into power of Facebook.

After creating your business page and generating a unique URL for it, users can find it easily and “like” it to get all the updates and the posts you share on it. Your page’s followers share and interact with you through Facebook and share your posts on their walls if they find it interesting and worth sharing. If anyone of their friend likes it, then it will be posted on their wall. See what is happening here? That’s “marketing” happening to your product.

Due to Facebook, your brand can be put in front of so many people!

2. Google+

This networking site is a service from Google Inc. With more than 540 million active users in October 2013, this platform can be the best one for marketing.

As contrast to what common people believed on its launch, Google+ was not an attempt to compete Facebook. Instead, it was launched to serve Search Engine Optimization benefits to the user.

Google+ will allow you to create a page for your brand identity along with customizable cover template as per your brand. It offers you to search about the prospect of your business with specific keywords. So many marketing features are provided by Google+ which makes it ideal for the purpose.

3. LinkedIn

Launched in 2203, LinkedIn is the best social networking site for B2B world.

With over 135 million users spanning over 200 countries, LinkedIn is traditionally used to put up resume and search for job. But it has grown into a giant networking site with time.

Therefore, spend some time daily for updating your LinkedIn profile online.

4. Twitter

Twitter - 7 Best Social Media Platforms For Online Marketers

This is a micro-blogging social media site with 300 million estimated users throughout the globe. This SMS-of-internet is around since 2004.

This site has unique concept, that each post cannot be larger than 140 words (the reason why it is called SMS of internet). Therefore, this is another form of sharing knowledge but with sweet and concise posts.

Twitter allows others to follow you or follow them back, which is a nice way to market yourself. There are quite a lot of tools that you can use to increase your productivity on Twitter and increase your followers to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Unlike Facebook, audience is scattered, means audience cannot be targeted but the users here use hashtags to be a part of bigger conversation. That way people from all around the world can participate in a group discussion even though you don’t follow each other.

5. YouTube

YouTube - 7 Best Social Media Platforms For Online Marketers

It is a Google owned video sharing social media site. If you look into some fact, more than 48 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Now, you can fathom its massiveness.

Hence, YouTube can really work wonders to your marketing campaign if you use it the right way. With YouTube there are a lot of emerging beauty bloggers, travel bloggers and tech & gadget bloggers who are making a living off it! Isn’t that cool!

Few years back you were someone to the world, but with YouTube you are a celeb now!

6. Pinterest

A great platform for your business, if your business is about making visually appealing products!! Pinterest is a photo sharing site in board-styled theme.

The aim of Pinterest is to connect everyone enjoying similar taste.

User search for their topic of interest and if they find anything interesting, they simply “pin it” and put them on their virtual board.

Pinterest can prove itself to be a great platform for marketing.

7. Instagram

Instagram - 7 Best Social Media Platforms For Online Marketers

A social media where its users are limited to sharing square-shaped photos and videos was still a popular choice. Within 2 years of its launch it had over 100 million active users. A new kinda concept when it was launched where users can apply cool filters to the photos and can be widely shared across other social media was the new favorite.

When talking about Instagram for your business its one great choice as it has a huge community of engaging users with over 500 million Instagrammers — more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos per day. When done the right way, there is a huge potential for your content to go viral no matter what your brand, age or niche is!


For any business, right marketing is the most important thing to do. It will increase your products’ reach to wide range of audience. All you need to do is build and follow the right social media strategy and update the plan accordingly.

So, what were the social sites you used for marketing drop them in comments!!!

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