Most individuals go to the gym with an aim of losing fat. However, most of these individuals are not aware of the most effective ways on how to lose their fat, and this is why they never achieve their goals in terms of shedding those extra unwanted pounds. The gym is not the only way on how you can lose your body fat. Nutrition plays a big role and with proper dietary plans, one can come up with an effective fat loss strategy. The following are some of the top science-based tips on how one can structure an effective fat loss plan:


1. Taking enough protein

Eat enough protein | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

Proteins help us recover our muscles. When you are dieting, they will help to make you feel full. For individuals who are very lean, training hard or dieting, their protein needs may be increased. However, most dieting individuals usually exceed their protein intake. If you are in need of losing your body fat, it is recommended that you take 1gram of protein per pound. If you are overweight, you may have to lower your protein intake, whereas for those who are lean and training hard, you may have to increase your protein intake. However, when losing body fat, it is recommended that you keep the muscle mass. For this to be achieved, it is recommended for one to take 1 gram of protein per pound.


2. Dieting appropriately

Diet Appropriately | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

Most people usually want to lose their weight as quick as possible. However, this is not an effective way on how to maintain muscle mass while dieting. Research has shown that a loss of more than 1% of the body weight each week can lead to a greater reduction in muscle mass, anabolic hormones and strength. This is why it is recommend you lose between 0.5 – 1% of bodyweight on a weekly basis. This is an indication that for those weighing 200 pounds, they should work to lose between 1-2 pounds on a weekly basis and this will help them maximize their muscle tension as they diet.


3. Avoid stressing yourself

Avoid Stressing yourself | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

Some people will sweat when they encounter a small issue during dieting for fat loss. However, you should avoid stressing yourself over small details. Some people will avoid eating after a certain time or they will restrict carbs. However, research has shown that most people will report more weight loss when they take carbs during the night. However, this is not an indication that you take all of your carbs during the night. It is recommended that you spread all of your carbs throughout the day. Also, you should avoid stressing yourself about meal frequency. Studies have shown that caloric and macronutrient intake has a great effect on fat loss than differences in the meal frequency.


4. Come up with a flexible approach

Come Up with A Flexible Approach Avoid Stressing yourself | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss


Most people usually restrict food choices or adhere to a meal plan during dieting. In short term, this might work but it will not be sustainable in the long run. A flexible dieting approach is associated with lower BMI compared to a rigid dieting plan. Research has shown that a rigid dieting plan can lead to an increased susceptibility to eating disorders. When dieting, adhere to a flexible approach so as to track macros other than adhering to a meal plan. Complete elimination of some foods or food groups should be avoided, unless you are under a dietary restriction due to medical issues.


5. Don’t eliminate fat or carbohydrates

Dont Eliminate Fat or Carbs| 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

People who are in need of losing fat will want to do away with carbs or fat or restrict how they take them. However, removal of carbohydrates from the diet can lead to reduced workout, which means that one may have reduced muscles during dieting. Also, when you take higher fiber carbohydrate sources while dieting, you will always feel full. Low intake of fat during dieting can affect the anabolic hormones, which may lead to a greater loss in muscles. If you are in need of maintaining your muscles while dieting, it is recommended that you don’t eliminate fats and carbs.


6. Avoid taking excess supplements

Avoid taking excess supplements | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

When dieting, avoid taking excessive supplements, but we don’t mean that supplements are worthless. Although they play a great role, you should control how you take them. Other than taking excessive supplements, it is encouraged that you take a variety of foods from all of the available food groups. Make sure that you take your calorie/macronutrient numbers, and be consistent with your diet other than looking for supplements to solve fat-loss problems.


7. Don’t Reducing Your Food Intake

Don't Reducing Your Food Intake | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

When dieting, you will undergo a number of physiologic changes, including an adaptation of the metabolic process to the reduction in calorie deficit and calorie intake. This means that you will undergo plateaus in weight loss along the way. In most cases, people will panic when weight loss plateaus. What they fail to know is that the fat loss process is never linear but it has to plateau. If you lose a pound this week, doesn’t mean that you will loss the same weight in the next week. So you should keep your food intake as high as you can, so it give you room to pull yourself back later on when you need to reduce your intake. This will mean that you will not get to a miserable situation as a result of low caloric intake. This is an effective way to attack those extra pounds while not depriving yourself of need nutrition.


8. Drink more water

Drink More Water | 8 nutrition tips on effective weight loss

Water provides a medium for most cellular activities of the body, including burning of fat and transport. Also, when you take much water which is free of calories, you will feel full always and take less food. It is recommended that you drink 1 ounce of water for each 2 pounds of bodyweight each day. To make sure that you adhere to this, you should place a 20-ounce bottle full of water on your desk, and fill it up to 5 times each day. With this, you will find it easy for you to lose your body fat.

Follow these 8 simple tips to help you with effective weight loss and I am sure you wont be disappointed. But don’t forget to do some light exercise on regular basis to keep your body toned and leaned. Share your experience with me in the comments below.

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