A man saw a massive egg laying with other egg, when he went to his chicken coop in the morning. He was surprised to see what it was and was curious to find out why it was bigger than the other egg. You will be as surprised as him to find out what was inside the egg and why it was so massive! Check out this video to see what that man found in the gaint egg.

(via: Reddit)

The regular eggs that the chicken used to lay were about 2 inches while this giant egg was over 3 inches big. When the man broke open the egg he found there was another egg inside it. I am sure that would have hurt the poor chicken. According to his comments on his Youtube video, they used to feed cracked corn, layered pellets and raw veggies to the chickens. This is what his comment said “Cracked corn and layer pellets. We also give plenty of raw vegetables.”

Isn’t  this crazy? Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

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