Ms. Watson, a chorus teacher from Chicago has touched the life of so many students. And to honor their beloved teacher, some of her favorite students from past have gathered together with Kleenex (who presents their new ad, Kleenex Caring Chorus) to show how much she means to them and sing their praises to her.

Peter, one of her student who grew up to be a professional entertainer and says, “She’s one of the best vocal teachers I’ve ever met. I know I would never have been able to do any of it if it hadn’t been for Ms. Watson.” He saw Ms. Watson back in 2008, but he never got a chance to let her know how influential she was for him. And today thanks to Kleenex these students are able to do something awesome for their teacher.


She is walking down the hallway, as she thinks she has a teacher interview at school, but wait till you see how surprised she was to see something so unexpected! She is overwhelmed with the love of her students and the joy they brought to her life. It will bring tears to your eyes!


She was so happy to see this, she says “I never thought I would see them all together, like that! This is great, to feel loved and that what you do matters.”

She is such a wonderful teacher who loves her students so much and want the very best for them. She is one of those teaches who have left a mark on a lot of students! Great teachers change lives. If you agree and love and respect your teachers and want to appreciate them for the impact they made on your lives, please SHARE this touching video with your friends on Facebook!

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