Oversight is an important issue, whether you are a parent or an employer. No matter where your workforce is, it is necessary to keep a layer of precaution to avoid any untoward incident. Monitoring apps are being widely used these days by parents and employees for this purpose. While there are plenty of apps online, there are only a few that are promising and effective. Xnspy record surroundings app is one of the top monitoring apps known for its potent remote features.


Here is our detailed review of what Xnspy has to offer its users.



Most of the monitoring apps in the market have compatibility issues. The first challenge is to develop a version every few months that is in line with the new OS changes. iPhone and Android both keep updating their operating systems, adding new instructions for the developers. In this case, it is difficult especially for every ambient recording app to upgrade its protocols. The other challenges are rooting the Android phone or jailbreaking (in case of iPhone) to operate and access the features on the target phone.


When you are opting to use Xnspy, you are not making any compromises on the compatibility of the product. It is suitable for both iPhone and Android smartphones and you will find separate versions for them. It has complete support for the new Android Oreo 8.0 and iPhone 11 OS. Besides them, this version supports all the previous versions of these operating systems. The app isn’t available on their apps stores. You have to download the app after subscribing for it on their website Xnspy.com.


How Xnspy Works?

How a monitoring app works can be surprisingly complicated in some cases. Many of the monitoring apps are not easy to get by. But that is not the case for Xnspy. Setting up the app is a neat little surprise offered by its developer. It has a separate setup process for Android and iPhone devices. If you are looking to use it on an iPhone, you don’t really need to install the app on the target iPhone. Instead, you will have to pair the device with that phone and enable its cloud setting to start getting the updates from the phone.

For Android, you would need to install it on the target phone. The procedure is slightly different. You have to subscribe to the app in the same way on their site. Shortly, you will receive an email consisting of a download link, login credentials, and download instructions. Grab the target phone and make sure it has its Wi-Fi enabled. Use the download link on it to download the app and install it. This entire process does not take longer than 10 mins and it will not require more than a few MBs of space.


User Interface

Xnspy’s interface has remained more or less similar for the past many versions. The interface is made up of a contrast of red and white colors which may not seem amusing to the user after using it for a few months. Although it lacks any themes or color changes to its panel, it offers maximum customization for its features.

When you sign in for the first time and after the app is downloaded on the target phone, it’s time to visit the online “Dashboard”. The dashboard is the hub of all the activities for the apps. But even with so many features that encompass the dashboard, it still has a pretty decent and minimalist interface. On the left side of the screen, all the features are lined up in a drop-down menu and their respective details are displayed on the center of the screen.

This updated new version of Xnspy has made some changes to its interface to accommodate some new features. You can easily toggle between features and see all the basic information on the main screen.


Key features

Xnspy has more than 35 features to offer but here are three of the top features offered by the app:


A) Remote monitoring: Xnspy ambient recording app allows you to remotely monitor and access all the information on the target phone. This is one of its flagship features. You can remotely lock the device, wipe the data, and even take a screenshot. But there is one last remote control feature which usurps them all.

The app’s ability to record surroundings might be the smartest of all its features. Xnspy is a record surroundings app which has the ability to record the surroundings of the monitored phone even if it is not on a call. It works by sending a command through the dashboard and it will start recording the phone surroundings for 30 mins. If you want to record more, you can send another command.


B) Monitor social media: Any monitoring app is incomplete if it does not empower you to monitor the major social media platforms. WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber etc. are lifelines of our cell phone communication. With Xnspy, you can monitor and record the chats and media shared on these platforms. You get all the details about the chat timings and contact details, etc. The shared media includes the photos, videos, and any documents shared on the phone.


C) Watchlist alerts: Although Xnspy offers complete information about emails, phone numbers, and locations, it is sometimes difficult to go through loads of information especially on a busy day. It makes monitoring more specific through its Watchlist feature. If you want to be informed for activity only concerning specific contacts or locations, you can add them to the watch lists. Every time that specific contacts calls or the target enter a specific location, you will be sent an alert on your phone.


How much does it cost?

The best way to know whether a program is worth committing to is to have a trial first. But Xnspy does not offer a free trial period. They do have a cash-back policy on their website if you are not satisfied with their product. While Xnspy does not offer a trial period, it does have a demo which is more like a hands-on experience of the app and very much makes up for the free trial offer.

The app has two broad packages to offer: Basic and Premium. The basic package is for those users who are looking for standard-level monitoring. It is also suitable for price-conscious users as its yearly package can cost only $8.33 per month. The Premium package costs slightly more at $12.49 per month when billed annually. It packs all the advanced features that anyone would want to use the app for. You can also subscribe for these packages on monthly and quarterly periods.


Following is the latest price chart of the app:




Yearly: $99.99 ($8.33/month)

Quarterly: $69.99 ($23.33/month)

Monthly: $49.99 per month



Yearly: $149.99 ($12.49/month)

Quarterly: $99.99 ($33.33/month)

Monthly: $59.99/month



  • Customization: Xnspy offers liberty to see what you want and when you want.
  • Affordable: The app is a bargain especially with its flexible pricing.
  • Compatibility: Its compatibility with both Android and iPhone is another prominent advantage of the app.



  • The ambient recording app has a recording limit of 30 minutes only for a single command.
  • The interface may seem monotonous to the user after some time


Final words

From monitoring point of view, Xnspy has everything to offer that any top monitoring solution must entail. From surround recording to watchlist monitoring, it has a mix of basic and advanced level features for its subscribers. The price of the app is an added advantage. If you want a monitoring app that is affordable and packs all the right features, then Xnspy is just right for you.


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