Every day, the Android app helps people work, play, communicate and build a wide range of devices, from phones, laptops to tablets, TVs, and cars. As most people rely on your experience, their expectations can rise so fast. That’s one of the reasons Android keeps on evolving with time and need. Android has built a better platform for apps and the people who use them. Today, let us look at the new Android 12, the next Android version, the first developer of Android.

With each release, Android is working with privacy and security at heart to make the privacy operating system smarter, easier to use, and more efficient.

In Android 12, the communication and technology giant brings you new tools to create great user experiences. Start with things like compatible media transcoding, which helps your app work with the latest video formats if you don’t already support them, and a simple copy/paste of rich content like images and videos. Android also optimizes privacy protections and performance to respond to your applications.

A total of six features will be implemented for Android 12 users. These will be featured as Messages, Google Assistant, Google Maps, TalkBack, Password, and Android Auto updates.

Here are some of the new updates Debongo has listed out for you:

Google Maps With Dark Mode

The dark theme is widely popular because it is pleasing to the eye and saves your phone battery. Due to the popularity of Google Maps, it will now always turn on Dark Mode. To do this, users can go to “Settings,” click “Theme,” and select “Always in Dark Theme.” How about that!

Google Assistant Is Smarter

Google explains on its blog that the assistant is more responsive to voice commands, even when the phone is locked or away. It also contains new cards that appear with the subsequent voice command.

Users will soon get the same scheduled sending functionality that they use in their Messages app that they usually use in Gmail. This feature appears in Messages on Android, allowing users to create a message beforehand and send it at a specific time in the near future. Things are getting interesting now!

Updated Android Auto

We would not have expected anything less than this! Android Auto will get custom wallpapers, voice-activated cool games, and popular trivia quizzes with this update. Besides, the app has got a new shortcut on the Android Auto Launch screen. This feature will be available on smartphones running Android 6.0 and above.

Safer Passwords

Privacy seems to be central to all Android work, and Android 12 focuses on increasing transparency and control for its users while keeping their devices and data safe.

Google has introduced a password check feature on Android smartphones to let users know if their password was previously published. This feature tells the user what to do if the selected password is compromised at any time. This feature will be available on smartphones running Android 9 and above. That sure is satisfying!

Visually Impaired Friendly Talkback Feature

The Talkback feature of Android Screen Reader will be getting a new version with many more features that can be accessed without looking at the screen. Features will include more gestures, a unified menu, and a new reading control menu, among other things, to help people who are blind or obscured to see the display. Android for all, it is!

Once taken a closer look at the final product, we realize that there are many new features to explore, and the Android 12 sure delivers what had been promised to its customers.

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