Bananas are nutritious, low-calorie fruit that many people enjoy as part of their diet. However, the common belief is that bananas are bad for weight loss because they have too much sugar and calories. While bananas do contain more sugars than most other fruits, they also contain plenty of fiber to help keep you feeling full. It’s best if you avoid eating too many if your goal is weight loss, but small amounts can still be beneficial! To enhance your knowledge of this delicious fruit, keep reading.

Bananas are one of the world’s most popular fruits, with annual production averaging 107 million tonnes in 2016. They are often seen as healthy alternatives to sugary snacks, but how many carbs in a banana are actually there?

The number of total carbs per banana varies widely based on size. It can range from 19g for small ones to 35g for large bananas. The sugar content too varies depending upon the size of the fruit. For example, small bananas contain 10g of sugar, whereas large ones have 19g.

It is important to remember that how many calories in a banana are there, which can range from 72g to 135g depending upon the size. Now, this might seem jarring but remember, banana is also high in fiber which keeps helps you keep you fuller for longer. Some research even shows that eating bananas before a workout can enhance performance and help improve muscle mass.

So it is alright to pick a couple of medium-sized bananas, but if you are in maintenance mode, it is better to limit the quantity of the bananas you consume.

Besides that, when it comes to weight loss, it is rather important to look at your entire meal plan, lifestyle and workout routine than focusing on just fruit. When incorporated as a part of a whole foods meal plan, there is nothing to worry about as though they are infamous for certain things, they do have potassium in rich amounts.

So, have a bird’s eye view than a worm’s eye view of how your complete diet looks like before you actually start worrying about the banana intake.

The jury is still out on whether or not are bananas good for weight loss because it really depends on how much and what other foods one eats with the bananas to determine if they will lead to weight gain or weight loss.

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