We tend to meet a lot of people these days who are very difficult to read and project confusing emotions. They might come across as charming and lovely in the first impression, but when it comes to establishing a more grounded and significant relationship, you see a completely unusual/different side to them.

In the course of times, two people get to a dead end because of a lack of honesty. They hate to express their feelings, but the bad news is, the more you hold up/delay facing the truth, the worse it will ultimately get.

It is a huge burden to carry, and you’ll end up wasting so much of your time and energy.

Being honest about how you feel will either or set you free or strengthen the relationship, there is no third outcome. 

If you are still not sure how to finish something that you didn’t mean to start in the first place, remember these three things.

1. Honesty takes courage

It’s never easy to break someone’s heart, but if you are not in love with someone who is in love with you, then you must be tough enough to end it.

Just own the fact that you are in a hard situation, take some responsibility, and gather the courage to face it. If you don’t act upon it now, life will definitely make you do it at another time, and it will be much worse.

2. Actions should be in line with words, and words should be in line with ideas/ thoughts.

If you are struggling to say something, write your feelings down and practice with a friend or in front of the mirror.

Be clear and trust that you will speak the truth no matter how hard it may be. As it is said-Words become simple and easy to put up when they are right and true.

The best thing is you should never be sorry about how you feel. Acknowledge that you might have made a mistake, take its ownership and then fix it.

3. Don’t let it drag

If you constantly postpone and run away from the situation, it will come back undoubtedly one fine day! Don’t run away from the present; human feelings are more important than a football game or work deadlines. The right time is now, so don’t make any excuses, but just do it.

You will come across as a, confident, trustworthy, and smart individual if you can learn to say no when it’s necessary.

Honest relationships are always relished, cherished, and remembered for a long time, in spite of whether they make it to the end or not. 

We generally avoid the awkward, yet most critical conversations because of the fear of change or fear of hurting someone. Please don’t say or do something if you don’t mean it.

Essential of all- Don’t get carried away and take things too far-off if you can’t handle the outcomes. inspite of when you really know that someone is falling head-over-heels for you and you don’t feel the same, be honest, take responsibility and have the talk.

Be strong and do what you have to do to avoid drama. Truth has and will always have only one version, so cling on to it.

Moving on to the second part of this article seems to be a quite contradictory but essential one, as we always strive to do the right things and behave well.

Being right is so hyped, especially when it comes at the expense of human kindness.

Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the love in that? There are so many improved and healthier choices we can make than needing to be right. Let’s start making them!

Especially when we find our minds locked into the need to be right — whether in, a discussion, an argument, or a casual conversation – let’s call on our hearts to integrate the following three virtues.

1. Openness

We can’t all the time and always agree with each other, nor should we always try to. But hold on, that doesn’t mean everyone who disagrees with us is wrong, or and we’re always right. 

There’s so much to learn from the ideas and opinions of others, especially when we stay open to listening to them. When we give up the call to be right, we listen and communicate on a deeper level, with more acceptance, understanding, and with less resistance and judgment.

This is how conversation and dialogues move forward, and connections deepen. Also, our openness always encourages openness in those with whom we communicate.

2. Forgiveness

Though the need to be right enters all areas of our lives, it’s especially damaging during conflicts with those we love. 

When we believe we’ve been wrong somewhere, we often want to prove to the one who’s betrayed or hurt us just how wrong they are. We want to hurt them back. It’s a join hand request never do it; Instead, with a smile, the focus needs to be on forgiveness as it opens the door for a more healthy and conscious connection.

3. Kindness

Quoted by Dr. Wayne – 

When life offers you the option of choosing between being honest/kind and being right to choose, select to be generous or kind at a major part.

When we attempt to prove someone wrong by setting up ourselves as right, we’re being unkind in the process, whether we intend to be or not.

Only the ego cares about the differences between right and wrong. The heart merely accepts and loves whoever is on the other side of the conversation. Let’s operate from our hearts, with honesty and kindness.

The next time we feel ourselves pressing to make our point and needing to be right, let’s take a moment to remember that being alone right is not the goal. It’s important to be kind and honest, as well. 

Let’s try to incorporate some of the above qualities into our way of speaking, knowing that by doing so, we invite a more conscious and loving exchange with whoever is on the other side of our interaction.

To end, here is the quote by Winston Churchill- “It Is A Fine Thing, To Be Honest, But It Is Also Very Important To Be Right”. Until next time, keep reading, sharing, be honest, kind/right, and speak your heart out, and you will surely relish the journey! Find out more interesting blogs only on Debongo.

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