We have seen a drastic upsurge in demand for Vitamin D due to the widely publicized research linking the same with protection against COVID-19. We encourage you to take the Vitamin D supplies well in advance to ensure health stays perfect in Coronavirus pandemic, take extra care of storing the vitamin D tablets because unforeseen situations where stock demand changes dramatically, such as the current pandemic.

Vitamin D is a must for numerous reasons, including bone and tooth health. It may also offer protection against a variety of diseases and conditions, including type 1 diabetes. Vitamin D aids in the regulation of calcium and phosphate levels in the body. These nutrients are required to maintain the health of bones, teeth, and muscles. A deficiency in the Vitamin D can lead to bone deformities in children, such as rickets, and bone pain in adults, known as osteomalacia. Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin D is not a vitamin but rather a prohormone or a hormone precursor.

Below are the major benefits of Vitamin D:

benefits of vitamin d

Vitamins are essential nutrients that the immune system cannot produce, so they must be obtained through diet. On the other hand, the body can produce Vitamin D. Many studies in recent years have found that taking Vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing a respiratory disease such as the common cold and flu, higher in deficient patients. According to several reports that track consumer purchasing trends, supplements specifically designed to ward off colds and the flu have seen consistent sales growth over the past several years, particularly during the winter. For example, a leading marketing firm discovered that sales of immunity products increased by nearly 200 percent, while vitamin sales increased by 77 percent, beginning in January 2020.

Moreover, the report revealed a 125 percent rise in people who purchased immune-boosting supplements. Over the same period, the percentage of people buying vitamins increased by 27.

Debongo has listed some of the essential advantages of using Vitamin D for you. Write to us about the benefits you’ve gained from Vitamin D.

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