Getting a good deal on a new car is all you are looking for while investing in a new car. Make sure to keep an eye on the calendar so that you can take advantage of any seasonal offer. So in case you are looking to buy a new car here are the months and prices. The prices include average incentives, analysis by true car pricing data average transaction price.

Best Time to Buy a New Vehicle

Cheapest months to buy a car-

  1. August- $30590
  2. July- $30699
  3. May-$30753
  4. June- $30915
  5. Feb- $ 30859
  6. March- $ 30771

Moderate months to buy a car-

  1. April- $ 31771
  2. January- $ 31123
  3. September- $ 31623

Most expensive month to buy a car

  1. October- $32103
  2. November- $ 32299
  3. December- $ 32380

Monday is the best to buy a vehicle costing the lowest of $ 30534 and Friday is the expensive day to buy a vehicle costing $ 32585. So be a Monday person.

Best month to buy a new vehicle type-

  1. Subcompact- November
  2. Small car- April
  3. Midsize Car- May
  4. Large Car- March
  5. Minivan- June
  6. Sports car- May
  7. Small SUV- December
  8. Midsize SUV- May
  9. Large SUV- July
  10. Luxury Car- June
  11. Luxury Sports car- August
  12. Luxury SUV- April
  13. Exotic- December

Last few days of the month are better to buy a new vehicle but the first couple of days of the month prove better.

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