Uses of binder clips is not just limited to your office or school. There are so many DIY binder clips hacks that can save you a lot of hassle and make your life easier by getting it better organized. So what are you waiting for, raid your office supplies and have some binder clips handy as we are gonna share some cool binder clip hacks with you.

1. To keep your kitchen sponge upright so it can dry mold/slime free

2. As money holder

3. To deflate a swimming pool

4. To keep bottles from rolling in fridge

Bottle Holding with Binder Clip

5. To clip up rolled wrapping papers

6. To organize your cords

7. As a document holder

8.  To Squeeze Out Toothpaste

9. To organize paper work

10. To hold paper when typing notes from paper

11. To cover your razor head

12. To keep garbage bags in place

13. To hang paint tubes

14. As Smartphone dock

15. To Store Freezer bags

16. To Make your DIY Smartphone GPS holder

17. As Bag Clips

18.  As Table Holder

19. As Photo Holder

20.  As DIY Storage Unit

What are some of the other ways you have used binder clips in your daily life? Share them with us.

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