Even playing around fresh water this summer could be dangerous because it may be hiding some horrible organism underneath that could basically kill you. Don’t believe us??

Ok then, let us take the story of 18-years old Lauren Seitz into account.

Seitz went on a trip with her church group to U.S National Whitewater Center in North Carolina. Overall the trip was great but thing started to unfold a week later and Sietz died from a rare brain infection caused by the amoeba naegleria fowleri.

This single celled amoeba lives in warm freshwater and is usually harmless to humans. It would not affect even if we drink it but if it enter the body via nose then it may make its way up to brain and kill you.

When the water at the park was tested recently the amoeba’s DNA was found and they believe Seitz may have contacted with virus when the raft flipped over one time during the trip.


FACT: Those who gets infected from these species typically show symptoms like headache, fever, vomiting, confusions, hallucination and loss of balance within nine days of infection around nine days. Within five days of infection, 97% people die.

Although the rates of infection are really very low in the United States but still taking precaution will be worth it.

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