“First day of school”

These words are enough to stir flood of emotions in child’s heart. Be it loads of excitement or tint of fear, the first day of school is really a special day.

Whenever we talk about school, we think keeping the child in focus, “it is the first day, he must be frightened”, “it must be really an exciting day for her”, “this day is really important day of child’s life”. But seldom, we step back and think about the circus of emotions a mom goes through on the first day of school, when she will send her child away for hours, stepping into this world on their own.

Sure, a mom is also frightened, excited and happy at the same time while getting her child ready for kindergarten.

Watch this beautiful video and share your views with us.

In this video, children along with their father did something beautiful for their mom.

Moms are usually busy in morning, brushing, bathing their children, packing them lunches but in this video kindergarteners packed lunch for their mom and even left a note.

“Dear Mommy, I will miss you so much”, one son writes. The children thank their parents for giving them awesome summer time and cherish the time they spent together!


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