If you are looking to buy a fur, investing in a vintage fur coat can be a good option. Not only will you be getting a fur coat at bargain prices but the vintage style will also add charm to your overall appearance when you wear it. But there are a few things you should consider when buying vintage fur coats. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Brittleness

The first thing to consider when buying vintage fur coats is the brittleness of the fur. Run your hands over the fur and test how it feels. Does it feel too brittle? If so, that is a fur coat you do not want to invest in since coats that feel brittle will soon start cracking. As such, you must only buy a fur that feels soft when you run your hands over it.


2. Oxidization

Next, check whether there is any kind of discoloration in the coat. Look specifically at areas like sleeves and shoulders for signs of discoloration. Do you see yellow spots on the fur? Well, that is a definite sign of oxidation! This happens when the coat has been exposed to sunlight for too long. This can also happen if the fur has not been stored properly. However, if the discoloration is not too visible, you can still consider buying that fur.


3. Fur Shedding

You should also inspect the coat for any signs of shedding. If you observe that the fur is falling off too much, especially when you rub your hands over it, then you should completely avoid buying that coat. It will probably shed a lot more fur in a matter of few months. This means that the coat will become useless after a few months from the purchase date.


4. Wear And Tear

You also need to inspect areas like shoulders, armholes, necklines, etc. If the coat is of bad quality, you will see wear and tear in these areas. Stay away from purchasing such vintage fur coats.


5. Seller

Make sure that you check the reputation of the seller. Have they been involved in this business for long? Do they have a good enough reputation in the market that they tend to attract a lot of clients who are looking to purchase vintage fur coats in Boston? Buy vintage fur clothing only from a seller who fulfills these criteria.


6. Type Of Fur

You should also consider the type of vintage fur you wish to buy. Mink coats are the most preferred types of fur available in the market today. And even though they are usually very expensive, you should be able to get a good deal on the vintage ones. So, if your budget is high enough, buying a vintage mink coat is highly recommended.


7. Elasticity

Place your hands on the leather on the underside of the fur and try pulling it. Does it feel elastic? If the leather does not seem to yield much, then that is an indication that the fur is probably nearing its end. It is better to avoid buying such a fur.

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