What is LnkSocial?

A free social media platform from which lets you promote your content organically and create a social buzz with it. You submit a piece a valuable content, which is shared by real users with established social media presence and in turn you can share other user’s content too. This way you will also discover fresh new content for your streams which your reads will thank you for.

Why should you use LnkSocial?

– You earn credits for it (based on your social following) and can use those credits as the budget for your own posts.

– It brings new content for your streams

– When others influencers share your content, it increases your social authority organically.

– Increased website traffic.

How do you connect your social media accounts?

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Urvi from LnkSocial and today, I will show you how to connect your social media accounts to LnkSocial.

You need to have your social media accounts connected in order to share posts.

Each tab will show how many accounts from that platform can you connect. Lets start with Facebook. Click on “Add 2 More Accounts” button, it will prompt to enter your login credentials if you are not already logged in. Just to let you guys know that we do not store any login credentials and the basic info that you share with us is kept secure.

Once connection is successful it will show the account’s name in LnkSocial. You will be able to manage all the connected pages by clicking on it. It will show details like, the number of friends or followers that account or page has, and, how many credits will you earn, by sharing on that timeline or page.

Follow the same steps when connecting Twitter or Pinterest accounts.

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to share posts on your social media accounts from LnkSocial:

– From dashboard, click “Social Account” tab
-Select the account you want to connect first.
– Click on “Add More accounts” button
– You will be prompted to enter login credentials, if not already logged into that account.
– Once the account is successfully connected, you will be redirected to lnksocial
– you can see all the basic information like: how many pages it has, how many followers you have and how many credits will you earn for sharing on that account.

Once you have connected all your accounts, you can start sharing posts from dashboard.
Start boosting your traffic for free!

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