Has it ever happened that you were compelled to buy a product/item just because the package was cool? Here are some of the products who creative geniuses have put it a lot of thought to give the package a distinctive meaning. Check out these 25 unique and creative product packaging:

1. Fit Buns High Protein Bread – Six Packs

Fit Buns Six Packs

(Advertising Agency: MEX, Ukraine)


2. Gnome Bread Packaging

Gnome Bread Packaging

(Designer: Lo Siento Studio)


3. Coca-Cola Soda Cups

Soda Cups

Designer: Unknown


4. Bread


5. Fruits And Vegetable Shopping Bag


6. Chocolate Syrup in Tubes


7. No Waste Toothpaste


8. Hair Ties


9. Headphones


10. Swiss Army Knife Chocolate


11. Socks


12. Ketchup Flavored Lollipops


13. Visual Guide To Pet Food


14. Light bulb eggs


15. Nut Packets with a Pocket To Put waste

An extra pocket for nutshells. Genius!


16. Cotton swabs


17. Hot From The Oven Cup Cakes


18. Pasta


19.  Hair Pins and Hair Tie


20. Teeth Shaped packet of mints


21. Edible package for Olive Oil

The package is made of caramelized sugar and edible wax. It dissolves in water!


22. Butterfly tea bags


23. Visually guide to buying meat


24. Light bulb in cone


25. Wool straight from sheep


26. Mustache painting brush

mustache paiting brush

(Designer: Simon Laliberté)

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