Dads are the most amazing species. From being a tough supporting pillar of our life to a funny pal you can laugh your heart out with, Dads can do each role with flying colors.

This amazing story will add another reason to toast and celebrate fatherhood.

It all started with an innocent request of a 9-year-old girl in Kansas. Joselyn asked her father to babysit her doll, Abbie for a day as she wanted to spend the day with her grandpa.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter

This simple request was enough to showcase how awesome her father and grandpa are. Joselyn consider her doll as “baby”. Technically daddy was about to babysit his granddaughter so, he took the job to the next level.

Initially, he thought she might not even remember about babysitting the other day but as he got ready to head out she reminded him to take care of her ‘baby’ as she wanted to go trucking with her grandpa.

Dad runs a trucking and harvesting company in Colby, KS called McCain Enterprise.


He took charge for the duty assigned to him and took Abby out for an exciting day on the job. Instead of tucking the doll in the back he babysat his “granddaughter” sweetly by taking her to see aspect of his business and took several photos.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 2

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 3

See, how she is looking, as corn is being loaded in the truck.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 5

By this series of photos he showed us how beautifully he did the job. That’s not where this adorable story ends.



He handed over his Abby to her great-grandpa to have a break, who in turn did this babysitting with utmost enthusiasm for Joselyn’s sake.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 4


Here is Abby striking a pose in front of a cargo in matching heals. Obviously, this doll knows how to remain in fashion.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 6

This incident obviously made this clear how far any father can go to keep their child happy. And Abyy on the hand got initial training to take on their business.

Dad babysite for his grand daughter 7

What an awesome daddy Joselyn has!

[All Images Via Facebook/ McCain Enterprises]

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