Scratching is one such thing that is very annoying. Scratching will make the things worse when you get mosquito bite or the chicken pox.

However the most annoying itch is the one which you feel inside your ears, this is the most irritating thing.

Firstly, find out the cause of the itch.

Ear itching can be from bacterial or fungal infection, allergies or irritation. The itch that arise from ear is hard to resist but there are a few safety measure that you should be taking care of before going hard on with scratching the ear!

Some people use bobby pins, toothpick to fulfill their itching, but it’s really dangerous that will harm your ears. Using fingers or cotton is also bad.

Scratching cuts the skin inside of your ear canal, which allow more bacteria inside.

If you want to fix this problem then consult an ENT specialist.

See A Doctor To Find Out The Reason for the Ear Itch

Once you will go through the test then they will be able to tell you whether it’s an infection or something else. You can use eye dropper to put the medicine inside of your ear for a temporary relief from itching.

You can also use a 70% solution of rubbing alcohol. But before using that make sure your itching isn’t caused by infection, because it will give a burning sensation in the ear.

What are some of the safety measure you take while scratching your ears?

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