It is best to have floors be clean all the time because of the advantages they come with for them being clean. Many people may see that it is no deal to have the floors to be clean because sometimes they may lack a stint to make the floors clean whether it is a hardwood floor or a tile floor or a carpeted floor.

Having a clean floor will go a step further in making good impressions when people visit your home. The first impression people get is how clean the house is, they look at the floor if it is sparkling clean or it has any dirt in it. A good impression on the people improves how people look at you. It also the worth of the house increases when the floors are clean.

Wood flooring is one of the common and popular all-time floor choices of most homeowners in the world. When using timber, the floor becomes more elegant and shiny when cleaned and polished well. Many people prefer timber and wood because it comes with different textures and fills which is mainly installed by a flooring service. It is easier to do a polishing and restoration job when using the floor compared to other floors.

Here are some cleaning tips everyone should know:

Finding the best cleaner

Floors can be different, it can be a wooden floor or a tile floor, getting the right cleaner is an easy cleaning tip people should know. Using a hardwood cleaner on a tile floor will be hectic to clean because they are not meant to do the same work, it will take time to clean the floor hence getting the right cleaning agent is the first tip in cleaning the floors.

Knowing the type of tint on the floor

Knowing the nature of tinge on the floor is important in cleaning the floor, some spots may be caused by tea spills, heel marks or oil stains. The tints should promptly be cleaned to avoid them being permanent on the floor which may be very hard to clean thereafter.

Avoid acidic solution on the wood floor

An acidic solution is not good on the wood floor, natural wood is very elegant when cleaned with other cleaners, using an acidic solution will result in the wood being dissolved away by the acidic solution leaving it to have spots which are not pretty. Acidic solutions may make the floor to fade away hence it is imperative to use neutral all-purpose cleaner.

Cleaning spillage immediately


Spillages should be cleaned momentarily when they land on the floor, leaving them to stick on the floor is not good as they may not only stain the floor, but they may be dangerous as they may cause people to slip and fall, hence the need to clean them immediately.

Spot cleaning the floor


It is important to do a spot cleaning to any floor, any dirt which is found it better be cleaned to ensure that the floor remains clean. Spot scrubbing is done by using a lightly dampened cloth with a light cloth.

Using entry mats

Whenever possible it is better to use entry mats at the door to avoid floors getting dirt, this is needy when the owner has a carpeted floor, using entry mats prevents the floor from having too much dirt ensuring that it is effortlessly cleaned to when no entry mat is used.

Soda water and salt remove stains

Soda water contains sodium bicarbonate and can remove stains from the floors. They are used to remove fresh stains from the floors. For stains, if one has no cleaner or bleach, grab a clean cloth and dip in soda and clean the stain, if it becomes stubborn to remove add some salt and clean it. The stain will come out.

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor

Surprisingly this is very easier, some floors will hold on to dirt, to clean a floor easily sweep the dirt using a broom or vacuum it to get all the dirt before trying to dry clean it or wet clean it using a mop.

Changing water often when cleaning

When cleaning a floor, it is important to change the water often to ensure that you have a clean floor. Not changing water will result with a dirty floor which will appear that it has not been cleaned. Cleaning floors from one side of the room to another is critical to ensure that all the places have been cleaned and ensure that there is consistency.

For cleaning floors, it is important for the cleaner to know the type of floor he is cleaning and pick the appropriate tools for cleaning the floors. Some cleaning agents may destroy some floors, but they may be suitable for others.

Parquet flooring repair Singapore gives tips on how to clean wooden floor, ensure that all scratches and dirt are removed from the floor before cleaning the floor and applying varnishing methods. The enterprise variety of services offers customers a wide range of choices and ensures that they get the best out of their services.

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