DIY gifts are fantastic because they are so personalized! Homemade gifts can sometimes have an undeserved bad rap. Some may try to convince you that homemade gifts appear “cheap” or “insincere,” but we know better. Continue reading:

Gift Ideas For Mom:

When you spend the effort to make the perfect handmade gift that matches your Mom’s personality, she will undoubtedly appreciate it. Nothing goes better with a heartfelt Mother’s Day message than a handcrafted gift. So, when you’re ready to find the perfect inspiration to make a sincere gift, look no further.

Bath Bombs:
Let your Mom chill with handmade bath bombs made from essential oils and moisturizers. She’ll enjoy relaxing in the bathtub while soaking in florals, eucalyptus, or perhaps another favorite aroma.

Personalized Pillows:
Personalized exterior pillows will add style to your patio or front porch. These cushions are an excellent way to start a conversation and gift for any spring, late spring, or fall gathering.

Heartfelt Letters:
Make a heartfelt gift with a handwritten personalized message. Spend some time writing a note that includes stories and heartfelt words about why your Mom is special to you. She’ll notice the effort and consideration you put into each text.

Gift Ideas For Dad:

Dads can be a little….complicated—the same as one’s relationship with theirs. So, there isn’t a prescriptive set of adjectives you can use, to sum up how you feel about your father. For many, their father is the most selfless person they know, the man who constantly put his family’s wishes ahead of his own, sacrificing what he wanted so you could have what you wanted.

Make lots of coupons that your father can “cash” whenever he wants. Involve chores that he has consistently assumed responsibility for, such as cleaning the dishes or bathing the pet. Include a few hug coupons as well, because no matter how tough your father is, everyone could use a good big hug now and then!

Funny Cards:
Why should Dad be the only one who tells terrible jokes? This hilarious Trump greeting card expresses how wonderful your father is in the man’s iconic eloquent style. You can go with one that has a funny catchphrase and does not require much artistic ability.

Beer Bouquet:
You will need a couple of pints of beer and some kite paper folding skills to make this DIY Father’s Day gift. It wouldn’t have to be as stylish as the one in the image, but cut out a few pretty petals and leaves from kite paper and scrunch some up to make a bush in a bowl that can hold a few cold beers.

Gift Ideas For Graduation Day:

Each year, a new batch of college grads says goodbye to work and school and hello to adulthood, armed with a qualification. For many graduates, figuring out what to do next can be a daunting task because the future is unpredictable. This has been specifically true in the last year. Simply send a gift they’ll use to help them remember this time and adapt to life after graduation.

Elegant Wall Decor:
Start making this simple wall hanging for the fashionable grad to hang in their dormitory or apartment. Pick pictures of their best friends, parents, and favorite pet for a personalized touch they will treasure for a lifetime.

Coffee Mug:
Make a motivational coffee mug for the daring grad with a hand-lettered cut file. The possibilities are limitless. Tote bags look great with vinyl as well.

Travel the World Globe:
Graduation is a time for many people to travel around the world. Give him or her a quote on a globe to advise them to enjoy being an independent person.

These do-it-yourself gifts will undoubtedly delight your loved ones – and you’ll have a good time doing it! If you decide to try any one of these projects, let Debongo know in the comments section.

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