The Facebook has announced in May about 360 photos that will be shown in News Feed, allowing users to view and upload pictures taken with 360- degree camera on both desktop and mobile.

The new fascinating feature of Facebook will enable even the desktop user to click and drag 360 photos to see different part of the view. The mobile user can swipe the photo or tilt the phone to see photo from various angles.

Since the 360-degree camera is not available to most of the users therefore by now 360 photos will be a panoramic shots taken with iOS and Samsung Galaxy phones. Apps like Google’s Photo Sphere will help you take 360-degree photos.

How to do that??

You can upload 360 photo just as you would have uploaded any normal photo. Just click “Photo/Video” above the “What’s on your mind??” select 360 photo and you are good to go.

The 360-degree photo will appear normally as other photos on your News Feed but with a small compass icon in the corner, indicating that the photo can be navigated further.

If you have latest Samsung phone which supports Samsung Gear VR, you can see an icon for viewing the photo with headset. Although this feature is not available in rest of the phone as Facebook does not support other headsets, evidently because of the partnership of Samsung with Facebook owned Oculus VR.

Many companies are now turning towards this 360-degree revolution, Facebook announced a 360 video camera at developer conference, Samsung released the Gear 360 ball shaped camera and many other developments.

It seems that 360-degree is going to pick up some speed and will go mainstream.

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