Many people don’t really consider themselves couponers, and only apply coupons if they’re significant (such as 50% off) or if they’re in the habit of bringing coupons to a specific store. It can also be difficult in today’s world of technology to go through papers or magazines and physically clip coupons. The idea of having a binder full of coupons that have been clipped and organized can be pretty daunting.

However, using coupons online is a completely different experience. These coupons are very easy to find at CouponCodeDay and simple to use. They’re perfect for people who would like to get a discount on their purchase but wouldn’t physically use a coupon.

What’s the Best Way to Shop Online with Coupon Codes?

Coupons can definitely help you save money–but you need to use them efficiently and be smart. Rather than just grabbing whatever code you use and using it as you check out, make sure it’s actually worth it. Saving a dollar or two here and there can add up, but it isn’t much of an investment. These are five great tips for shopping online using coupon codes:

Understand the Conditions

For a lot of coupons, you either have to spend a certain amount (such as free shipping if you spend $25), or you’re limited to very specific items. In this case, you should step back and consider–is the product you’re getting only $10, which means you’re spending more than you planned? Or, is the product more expensive than your budget, but you feel like buying it just because you’re getting $2 off? Companies understand our impulses and take advantage of them. Sometimes, you end up spending more as you use a coupon.

Compare the Deal

There are a lot of sites that offer codes, and if you take the time to browse these, you’ll find competing deals. You should know that a big percentage discount isn’t necessarily a great deal–a code for free shipping could give you more money back than 20% off. Take a look at your options and figure out which coupon is best for you.

See if You Can Stack It

Most of the time, your coupon can only be used once. There’s a reason to this–it prevents people from using the offer to their advantage too much. A lot of stores also only allow one coupon to be used during checkout at a time–so you’ll have to choose between your $10 off or 15% off. Take a look at the numbers, and choose wisely to get the best deal. You can also try to use more than one at once and see if it works; sometimes stores do allow it, or they allow you to buy up to three similar items using the same coupon. It’s always worth it to check things out.

Before you shop for anything online, you should always see if you can find a coupon for it first. It takes time and effort to always have coupons in hand–but the money you save is definitely worth it as you find deals that are best for you.

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