Flow free app – Connect matching color dots with continues pipes to create a flow, the lesser pipes you use the better is the score. Pair all colors with the right dots without overlapping and covering the entire maze to solve the puzzle.

All the levels of Flow Free puzzle app of any severity have dozens of ways or steps to solve this amazing puzzle.  We would say its fun trying to solve the puzzle by yourself, but if you find it hard to it by yourself we would be happy to help you in solving it.

Flow Free App Cheats 5x5 level 2

Flow Free App Cheats 5×5 level 2

Here are the steps you follow to solve this level:

  1. On the maze locate the red dot on the first block of the last line, draw a line moving straight right for 2 blocks and up by one block. You have drawn a solid red line
  2. Locate the blue dot on the last block of the last row.  Aiming to join with other blue dot, draw line by moving straight left for one block, three blocks up, three blocks left and then two blocks down.
  3. On the first block of first row, is a yellow dot, start drawing a line moving 4 blocks straight right and 3 blocks down.
  4. Now only 2 green dots are left, starting from the green dot in the 2nd block of the 4th row, move one block up and one block right.

You have solved level 2 in 5×5 puzzle!

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