Since beauty is subjective and can change by your context.

Same way no matter how old you become, you deserve to look beautiful. That was the perfect message said by Tea Flego, who is an makeup artist by professional from Crotia, wanted her grandmother to know about it.

Flego wanted her grandma, Livia Mulac to look gorgeous and glamorous at the age of 80-year.

The glam grandma has taken the internet by a storm

via Instagram / @teaflego

Tea Flego has a gift for making people look amazing. Flego said while growing up, her grandma would always be her model so that she could practice her makeup skills.

Grandma is taking attention and is going viral. Grandma has now been given the name “Glam-Ma”.

glam grandma proves age is just a number

via Instagram / @teaflego

That beautiful contour, hot-pink lipstick and long lashes, isn’t she just beautiful!

glam grandma is now a big deal

via Instagram / @teaflego

Isn’t she looks fabulous in her makeover? We can see a complete transformation of her image. Flego says that her grandma’s favorite part of the look is how the wrinkles are blended in.

Glam-Ma’s 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, are all “so proud,” according to Flego.

But we think she is beautiful with and without makeup, right? Share this awesome story and make Glam-ma even more popular.

[h/t ABC News]

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