What would you do if I ask you to create something creative out of some wire, resin and glitters?? Probably nothing!! And will call me crazy for asking such a stupid thing.
But as they say, it takes a real imagination and creativity to create something mind blowing out of ordinary stuffs.
And this DIY by Instructables user Rhonda Chase Design is a perfect example of this.

1. She started with these:

Clear epoxy resin, glitter, Elmer’s glue, Scotch tape, Popsicle sticks for mixing and copper wire.

2. Design your own shapes. There are a lot of shapes to try so be creative!

3. Stick shapes of your favorite earrings on some tape.

4. Fill in the gaps like this.

5. Now, it’s time to add some glitters.

6. Pour down the glitters in any fashion you want, Rhonda Chase chose rainbow layout.

7. Press the glitters so that It sticks to the tape

8. As directed on the box, prepare epoxy resin allowing bubbles to rise and pop.

9. Load the wire frame with resin using Popsicle stick.

10. Let it stay as such overnight.

11. Peel off the tape and cut the extra edges to give final finishing.

Instructables / Rhonda Chase Design

Instructables / Rhonda Chase Design

12. Add a chain to make a loop earring or a backing. Depends on your preference

13. TADA!!! You are ready to rock your glitter look.

These are amazing. Isn’t it?

Let me know in comments below, will you make such earring this weekend?

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