For people who are used to the Android interface, one of the things that they might have complained about is the Keyboard. The Google Keyboard app isn’t as predictive, and isn’t as easily functional as compared to the number of different options that you can find in the Play Store. Obviously, the undisputed Keyboard that takes the prize as being the best is the Swift Key Keyboard, which is available as a third party download from the Play Store.

Moreover, numerous other options have also become available, such as Swype, the Thumb Keyboard and various others, all of which bring about a number of different enhancements that are designed to maximize user convenience. However, the company has now introduced a standalone version of its own offering, the Google Keyboard.

When the latest Google Keyboard came in to view on the Jelly Bean interface, it received a lot of rave reviews from various companies. However, since it was only available with Jelly Bean, many people who hadn’t yet received the upgrade, or weren’t going to, were unable to get access to the keyboard. Now, however, Google has packaged that keyboard and made it available as a standalone download from the Google Play Store.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard Android App in Play Store

As a result, the millions of devices that do not have access to the Google Keyboard will now be able to download the Google Keyboard from the Play Store, for free. Before Jelly bean, millions of users had announced their disapproval with the built in keyboard that was provided by Google, stating that they expected better from the company. It was obvious that the company was going to introduce fleeting changes to the whole system, and it delivered perfectly.

The Google Keyboard also introduces a Swipe feature, which allows you to type without lifting your finger off the screen. Moreover, the prediction area has been replaced with a grayish area that is also used for prediction purposes, with the exception being that the predictions are extremely accurate this time around. Seriously, the amount of work that Google has done in order to improve its keyboard showcases the fact that the company listens to its consumers, and wants to deliver the best experience possible. Now, you don’t need to purchase a standalone Keyboard for yourself from the Google Play Store. Obviously, this also reduces the amount of competition that the company was facing from third parties.

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