“Are ghost real?” this is like a century old stuff to have debate upon. There are people claiming they believe in ghosts and will come up with some spooky stories of their own and yet the other species will twist their brows in disbelieve. Whether you belong to the first or the second category, the exact answer will never unfold until some spirit itself care enough to answer it. Whether they care what we think or not but I think once in awhile they do some spooky things to freak people out, may be just for fun.

Here this is a security camera footage of a Mosque “Misteri Masjid Baru Tedong, Serkam Melaka” as an evidence for the same.

Watch the video below and try to come up with an explanation.

Though I am not among the person who is in absolute side of the debate, maybe I choose to have a middle ground just to avoid any encounters if they get in a mood of answering my doubts personally. Therefore, I believe what I am seeing but still I would like to throw healthy amount of doubts here.

Ok fine!! This video is not scary but it’s weird.

So, this video is either a perfect staged play or some ghost having fun in front of Mosque; it’s up to you to decide.

Let me know in comments below if you would visit haunted places if given a chance?

(via Reddit)

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