With an increase in innovation and jobs, the workload has subsequently increased in the past decade. Apart from Automation, white collar jobs are considered the most dangerous element to the workforce.

American Psychological Association’s statistics show that on a scale of 1 to 10, women are more stressed at 5.3 then men being at 4.9.

Japan is considered the most stressed country in comparison to the other four that include US, UK, France, Australia, and the European Union.

In this busy lifestyle, it is essential to stay healthy, keeping positivity in mind and make better lifestyle choices. Unhealthy lifestyle impacts adversely on daily routine and working of crucial systems in human body.

This article will inform you about tips and tricks about how not to compromise your health with your hectic lifestyle.


1. Plan Weekly Meals

If you don’t get time daily to think about what to cook for the day, then plan weekly. Make a list of healthy meals you can have for the next seven days. According to that, consider getting all the groceries early.

It would help you reduce the daily chores of inability to decide upon what to eat today.

People who don’t plan out are more likely to buy fast-food delivery or ready to eat meals. These meals aren’t healthy enough.

They are meant to increase your interest in their brands and not your health. Better always buy groceries from top sellers who maintain the hygiene and quality of vegetables. Prefer buying upon high protein food items to stay active and energetic during work hours.


2. Make Fitness your Priority

Even if you enjoy your workouts, they can be the first thing your schedule is too hectic. It’s is the highest priority to have the willpower of never giving up on fitness. Even if you can’t afford to schedule long workouts, try doing short but intense workouts.

Plus point of these workouts is that they can be performed anywhere, even at home and requires almost no equipment. You can use various cross-bars or balcony walls to do push-ups. It’s that easy!


3. Take a Break at Work

Don’t sit continuously for hours in your cubicle. Continuous work activity can impact your efficiency. It’s important to take short breaks to loosen up your body. Try doing few massages or stretches at regular intervals.

A few health experts suggest doing quick eye exercises for the IT employees who sit facing computers for long hours. It will help you maintain your focus at work without stress on your body.

Look for some recreational activity in a few minutes that increase your knowledge or provides you a break.


4. Get Adequate Rest

It doesn’t matter how much workload is on you, never compromise with quality sleep. After long hours of work, the body demands rest. Good sleep is highly essential for overall health along with proper sleep pattern too.

If you have trouble with your sleep pattern, it is best to identify the root of the problem. Consider using an eye mask, changing your mattress, or a white noise machine to get as comfortable as possible.

You can take help of various fitness trackers available. They’re inexpensive, compact and wristband tracking devices to help you monitor your sleep patterns, heart rate and much more.

Sleep makes you feel fresh and relaxed on the next day.


5. Join a Fitness Class

Stay Fit and Healthy


Working towards a fitness goal in a supportive environment and with a group of people accelerates your need to get fit. Many options such as kick-boxing, Zumba or Aerobics are available at a fitness class. You can try anything if you can give your best to remain healthy.

Fitness classes have trained and professional fitness experts who provide you with plans and suggestions personalized on your body and work stress.

Motivate a friend or group to go with you to class. It will motivate you for staying healthy and get reviews or suggestions from them.

Over time, these small incremental changes can have significant positive impacts on one’s health, fitness, and general well being. All that is needed is a review of one’s current health status, analysis of one’s schedule, an adjustment of some regular habits, support, and engagement of family and friends and striving to live better.

Making healthy choices changes the way you think and helps you develop a positive attitude. While it is great to aim for a perfect lifestyle, you may not be able to attain ideal fitness. The hacks mentioned in this article will help you feel better and improve your overall health in the long run.

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