Going to the gym but having second thoughts about it now? Well, it might be time for you to hire a personal trainer and train at your home rather than going to ajam-packed gym. When you go to a gym religiously, one of the biggest annoyances you can experience is the presence of people who are not too serious and just goof around in the gym. This not only irks you but can also demotivate you if such things continue to happen. Lack of individual attention and not having a private space are some of the other problems that most people face when it comes to gyms. All these things contribute to a lack of intensity in your workout. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to workout at your home with a personal trainer.

Noelle, a certified personal trainer, who provides in-home personal training in NYC shares some of the major benefits of taking this decision!

Get Individual attention from a personal trainer

The biggest advantage of getting a personal trainer and working out in your own private space is that you will get individual attention, which is the last thing you can expect from a regular gym. Each body is different and hence needs an individual action plan to get the best results in quick time. Following the same old regime for your training will not help. Moreover, if you are trying to achieve specific goals, it is always better to get personal training.

Losing weight, gaining weight, training for an athletic event or training for a powerlifting competition are just some of the specific goals that you can strive to achieve. All these goals need specific routines and having a personal trainer for the whole process is important for guaranteed results.

A much better personalized diet plan

70% diet and 30% workout is the golden rule of fitness and if you are able to achieve this, then you can complete your goals well within the timeframe. This is where a certified personal trainer comes into play in a huge way as he/she can tell you exactly what your body needs. The absorption of nutrition is different in each body type and hence the diet differs from person to person even when the goals are similar. Therefore, a personalised diet plan is important and this is where a personal trainer trumps the regular trainer as the former spends more time with you and knows exactly how your body reacts to certain food groups.

Make it Convenient with no travel

Everyone would accept the fact that they have skipped going to the gym for a day or two just because they were too lazy to get ready and go out. Even though you are super motivated about fitness, there still will be some days when this can happen, but not if you train at home. Moreover, a personal trainer will ensure that you train every single assigned day for sure.

Enjoy your Privacy

As mentioned above, privacy is something that you do not get in a regular gym. Loud music that you may not like, too many people cramping the space, waiting for your turn to do a certain exercise or sharing the restroom are just a few of the many problems one faces in a regular gym. If you have had enough of all this and want a private and peaceful experience, it is time to shift to working out at your home under the supervision of a personal trainer. Now that you know how incredibly great it is to work out at home with a personal trainer instead of a regular gym, it is time to make this necessary change in your life and see the results for yourself.

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