There is no doubt that the amazing benefits of the lion’s mane mushroom have fascinated the world. However, as with any nootropic or superfood, it is important to get the dosage absolutely spot on to ensure it is safe and effective.

Whether you cook the macrofungi or take a supplement like the Eternum Labs Lion’s Mane supplements, make sure to use it the right way for the best results.

For instance, when people consume it to improve their sleep quality, there is scope for overdosing. And, overdosing could enhance your energy levels and keep you up all night, or cause more severe consequences.

Lion’s Mane Extracts and Benefits

The natural nootropic offers several advantages, from reinforcing physical energy production to improving cognitive and heart health.

Bioactive compounds like erinacines and hericenones in lion’s mane mushrooms promote NGF or nerve growth factor synthesis. As neural cells grow across the brain nervous system, it can lessen the effect of lethargy, brain fog, and other cognitive ailments. It also protects the gastric lining in your stomach.

It is also a catalyst to boost physical energy production in your body. It supports cellular health by getting rid of unstable molecules. Since it is a non-psychedelic mushroom, you feel more energetic while avoiding both the high and the ensuing crash.

You can quickly replace it with caffeine products. Besides, the lion’s mane improves REM sleep, which is crucial for reducing stress and anxiety. It also enhances immunity.

The Appropriate Dosage of Lion’s Mane Extracts

Lion’s mane extract is commonly available as capsules, supplement powder, tablets, and liquid.

Use it in optimal amounts to receive the above significant health benefits. Start by sticking to the dosage recommendations given in the instructions of each product. You can slowly transform your lifestyle into more holistic and healthier and reach perfection with time.

Capsules and Tablets

Mushroom capsules can ensure that you receive your daily vitamin intake. Particularly for lion’s mane, you can have up to three capsules every morning. But take note of your doctor’s advice and stick to the dosage mentioned by the maker.

Another vital thing to do is to keep your body adequately hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water will make you look fresh and energised. Also, it is better to be well-fed and avoid having the capsules on an empty stomach.

Supplement Powder

Powdered extracts are ideal for adding to any type of food. If you are making a soothing tea, green smoothie, or cooking a healthy lunch for the family, you can add some  Eternum Labs Lion’s Mane supplement powder to it to ensure everyone can reap the benefits of lion’s mane.

It can improve sleep and provide relaxation at night, while taking it in the morning helps increase energy levels and focus throughout the day.

You can take up to 5g a day for optimum cognition, with a serving size of 2-3g at once. Its subtle taste blends well with teas, coffee, juices, smoothies, and even plain water.

Liquid Extract

Tonic tinctures are popular forms of lion’s mane liquid extract. You can take this alcohol-based extract on the go using a dropper. You can mix one or three dropper servings into a small amount of water and take it up to thrice a day.

They may also use a double extraction method, with added fruiting bodies for your overall health. These sugar-free, gluten-free solutions can provide an instant energy boost and mental clarity.

What Should You Know About Using Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s mane mushroom is known for its fantastic wellness qualities. For best results, experts advise you to take it before noon. Depending on your needs and conditions, such as insomnia, you can adjust the timings.

As of now, there are no known and severe side effects of lion’s mane extracts. However, if you are a lactating mother, pregnant, or planning a family, consult your physician. You can stimulate natural energy production and eliminate toxins from your body, provided the dose is correct.

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