WD-40 is one of the most common maintenance item found in every US household, as its used by maintenance & repair people, for crafts and hobbies, in garages or workshops, by farmers, in boats and water sports and a lot more. The traditional uses of WD-40 are breaking down the grease on nut and bolts, dissolving rust, giving shine to chrome, or eliminate squeaking from locks. But apart from these traditional uses, there a lot more uses of this brilliant product to make you life at home or work a lot more easier!

This videos shows 4 things you can do with WD-40:

1. How to remove finger prints on stainless steel appliances

2. How to remove crayon from walls

3. How to remove sticker residue

4. How to remove scuff marks on floors.

Some more uses of WD-40 are:

5. Removing Chewing Gum Stuck In Hair

Removing a chewing gum from hair is a terrible ordeal. The first thing that comes to ones mind in that situation is, “The only option I am left with is chopping my hair off!”  No, not anymore! Go to a well ventilated area, and spray the hair stuck chewing gum with some WD-40. Wait fro few minutes and slide the gum off! (Dont forget to shampoo to remove any WD-40 residue from hair.) You can even use the same technique to remove chewing gum stuck on your shoes.

6.  Pen Stains from Blue Jeans

We all have some leaky ball pens which ruin our favorite blue jeans. Spray it with WD-40, let it sit for couple of minutes and then wash it off!

7. Remove Tea Stains from Kitchen Counter

Spray a little WD-40 on a sponge or damp cloth and wipe the stain away.

8. To Waterproof your shoes

Spray WD-40 onto your shoes to make them waterproof for the rain and winter months.

9. Clean dead insects stuck on car

You can get plenty of bugs and insects covered on your car window and the front. Spraying WD-40 onto your car can help quickly remove the stuck bugs.

10. Clean bathroom tiles

Use WD-40 on a bathroom tile you can to remove makeup spilled like: mascara, nail polish or paint.

11.  For Grass free lawn mower

To prevent grass from sticking to the underneath and jamming up the mower, spray WD-40 underneath of the hover lawn mover

12. Remove stuck rings from fingers

Just give it a quick spray with WD-40 on your finger and pull the ring off. Wash your hands straight away afterwards.

Do you have any other uses of WD-40? Share them with us in comments below!

Top Image Courtesy Flickr

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