Many people are conscious about their bodies. There used to be a time when slim waists and flat tummies were associated with women only. Nowadays, even men have joined the league.  This goes a long way to show just how important looks are to most of us. Getting a small waist may be a challenging task but t is definitely possible. All you need is a workable plan. There are things that you can do to ensure you have a waist as small as that of an ant.

Understand your body type and shape

Getting a slim waist starts with having realistic goals. Understand that all bodies come with different shapes and sizes. Before you look at someone’s waist and swear to get the same within a week or two, understand your body and what you can achieve. The truth is some of us will never have a tiny and an ant-like waist regardless of the effort we put into it.

If you have a large body or an apple shaped body, it only makes sense to start on a realistic waist goal. This doesn’t mean you cannot achieve a thin, tiny waist, everyone can achieve a healthy weight and trim the waist notably.

Health diet

The foundation of every fitness goal starts with what you consume regularly. Try as much as possible to avoid calories and consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also include small amounts of lean meat.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are  known to offer good results when used the right way. To get good results, choose waist training corset for your waist training to be worn few hours every day. Waist trainers don’t guarantee instant results, but if combined with other engaging exercises and balanced diet, you can see results soon.


With a realistic goal, it’s now easy to choose an exercise that will help you reach that goal. One of the most effective exercises is V-ups. The good thing with this exercise is that it targets all abdominal muscles, rectus abdominis, oblique and transverse abdominis.

  • To start, get a comfortable place with minimal disturbances and lay down with your legs flat on the floor. The arms should also be stretched over your head.
  • Crunch and lift the torso. The legs should be lifted off the floor, reach your feet with your hands.
  • Start all over again from the initial position
  • Try this about 10 times and take a break. After the break return to the initial position and go another 10 times.

Cardiovascular exercise

Regular cardiovascular exercises will keep your heart, lungs and other organs healthy. The good thing is that such exercises also help in burning fat around the midsection and all over the body. This means you can choose bike riding, swimming or dancing as an effective daily exercise to get a slim waist.

High Plank with hip extension

Every person who is into weight loss loves prank and high prank with hip extension is one way of attaining a slim waist. This is because it targets transverse abdominis and external oblique.

  • Get to a push up position with the hands under the shoulder and a straight line from your head to the feet. The upper body should also be still.
  • Now slowly lift one leg slowly off the floor.
  • As you lift the leg, hold your breath for about 5 minutes and eventually return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the whole procedure with the other leg
  • The whole process should be repeated 10-15 times a day for visible results.

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