Most people wait for many years to pass by in order to sell their home at a profitable cost. With the recent slump in the real estate market, most people have decided not to sell their house. But that does not mean that you should not add value to your property. It is worth noting that updating your house may add property value. Especially if you are planning to sell your house in near future.


Getting your house fixed with routinely repairs can ensure a significant increase in the resale value. Adding a jacuzzi or building another floor may make your house attractive but it may not do anything to increase the resale value. It is up to the appraiser who determines the market value based on various factors such as the age of your house, materials with which house is built & comparable to nearby houses. Here are some ideas which can add value to your house & make a big difference –


Adding Accommodation

Generally adding more accommodations in a property can be of great value to the house. Therefore adding more bedrooms can bump up the selling price of your property. One can simply add accommodation by dividing up the already existing space or by adding more square footage to your house. You can re-use the existing space by adding or removing walls or just by simply extending roof space. Reusing the existing space is also the most cost-effective solution. Here are some ideas on how you can use the space.


  • You can use the extra room as media consumption room where you can set up a 4k TV & enjoy binge watching.
  • A spare room can be utilized as a home gym to get a rigorous workout session
  • For people who need to work from home, a home office is a great idea to fill in the extra room.
  • Attic spaces can work really well for relaxation rooms or game rooms.


Decluttering & Getting Repairs

A house which is well organized & has everything fixed up can help appraiser to see its full potential. Minor issues such as cracks in the bathroom or a non-functioning of the switches can make the appraiser uncertain of the property value. All the appliances in your house if in top condition can help add value to your house.


Make sure your house is all fixed up & is in a top shape in order to add value to the property. If you feel the property is in much worse condition & needs upgrades which you do not want to deal with, you can get in touch with Kendrea Properties which is a local house buying company located in New Braunfels. They can immediately purchase your house as it is at a good price. Their goal is to help you sell your property quickly so you can move on in your life.


Replacing Windows

PVCu windows are now considered quite essential to add value to a property. PVCu windows are very energy efficient, require very little maintenance & are also very secure. Make sure the replacement windows have the same frame lines & are equally balanced.

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