Smartphones are without any doubt the basic part of our daily routine activities. That is why visitors and tourists try to move them while going from one place to another. But the use of these smart phones is not an easy task to accomplish specially in European countries where is a lot of different restrictions and packages waiting for you. So one needs to plan accordingly in order to make it sure that the tour is celebrated the best in case you are planning one.

So here we are compiling a complete set of instructions that you may need to know while staying and enjoying vacations in the European countries:

Basics of using the smartphones in the European countries

Most of the people come to us with question of how to use the smart phone data in Europe. But before we start talking about the using of one, it is necessary to make it sure that the smart phone one is carrying is actually useable in these countries. The US mobile phone companies sometimes use a different operating frequency that is usually not operate-able in Europe. This makes the use of these phones impossible in Europe and around.

How to Use Smartphones and Data Plans When Traveling Abroad

For example, two of the carriers in United States : Verizon and Sprint make use of CDMA technology which is not being used Europe where the GSM (Global system for mobile) is common. Now a days there are some sets coming on surface offered by these two companies who offer both system of working, so you still got some hope. Similarly the European countries provide a system that is best compatible with the IPhone 4S and above.

If the phone you are carrying with you is not compatible upon checking for GSM, then ask the companies to allow you rent some phone for a time period of travel. There are some plans in market for that.

Now, for the data packages there are a few options available to utilize while staying in Europe:

– The poorest idea which one can make use of is to use the mobile phone as it is on roaming service. But, keep it in mind that this will cause you up to USD 50 of amount just for visiting some of the web pages and emails you received in recent times. So don’t go for it even if we have enlisted it.

– The second plan is to sign up an international data usage plan. One can sign it in around  USD 20 and can use 100MB to 200MB of data. Still it is costly and cannot fulfill your demands of browsing at large. Similarly if you are hoping of getting some free Wi-Fi around than this is the cheapest option that will allow you to use the browsing and email search. Recently I heard that the T-Mobile company provided a free data usage service for the international clients upon moving from one place to other. Check it out if you hold one of their mobile since many companies will follow the footsteps as the competition will begin to enlarge.

– The best of all options is to buy a European pre-paid SIM which can possibly work with you mobile phone. For this you will need to unlock the mobile phone for the SIM carrier you possess SIM of. For this one needs to contact the Mobile phone provider to provide you with SIM unlocking code. They charge some money of it. But ones its done you can use SIM of any carrier. They have kept this policy of unlocking mobile in order to stop the customers from switching the carriers.

In addition to companies there are many other private portals and online websites that provide the unlocking code at some price. This is now a common trend since people buy phone and then use it at someplace else. So definitely they need a unlock code. Just log into the websites, enter the mobile phone credentials like the IMEI number and model of set. Once entered the site will then follow the official certified procedures and send you the Code through email you provided. This code is to be entered into mobile set which than gets unlocked. But you have to pay one-time fee of this all so it is definitely good to pay for.

– The final of options is to by an unlocked phone from the area where you are going. This will cost you off course but then you will become free of headaches of high cost for mobile data usage. Only you will be debited for the standard price rate of mobile data over the place you stand. Visit the Amazon for the factory unlocked mobile phones.

Some extra tips

How to Use Smartphones and Data Plans When Traveling Abroad

Check for free Wi-Fi: Wherever you go just remember it in mind that you switch on you mobile Wi-Fi as you get time. There is a probability of getting a free Wi-Fi at any place any time. So just for it if you find one.

Monitor the data use: Similarly whenever you get time, just go into the stings of your smart phone and check the data usage. Try to keep I under control so that you may have some left at the time of need.

Prepaid small phones: If you just want a phone for the text messages and the calls around, you then may consider buying a small mobile phone at cheap price of few dollars. It also comes with some credit. Add extra if you want at any occasion. Also remember that the European countries only charge for the incoming phone calls and messages but not for the outgoing calls and texting.

Contract packages: The European countries give different packages for the mobile usage. Some are meant for the European citizen’s sine they are long range targeted while the rest are only for few weeks and days. Just remember to select the one for small time period if you are a tourist or traveler. Or if you intend to stay for long then you might go for other ones.

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