The male grooming industry has shown a double-digit growth. As more men are getting aware about the various grooming products in the market, they are open to experimentation and are willing to try new products. Men also spend a substantial amount on grooming products. The grooming industry is set to grow at an exponential rate in the future.

One of the oldest and most important grooming tools is a razor. The razor ensures a clean and sharp look at all times. Wet shaving allows you to get a better shave but you need to pay attention to the razor blade that you use the razor.

Every blade is different and will show a difference in the effectiveness of the shave. It will handle the task of giving a clean look by cutting the hair from the face but every brand is manufactured in a unique manner with the use of unique tools and technology. It is important to learn about your own skin and the thickness of the beard in order to choose the best blades that suit you.

How do razor blades differ?

The process of manufacturing a razor blade gives them a personality but the basic difference between blades is the coating and its sharpness. A lot of manufacturers add a coating on the blade in order to make it easier to glide across the skin and to last longer. It also helps prevent cuts and reduces irritation.

The sharpness of blades varies from one manufacturer to another. All the blades are very sharp but there are few which are sharper than the others. However, the sharper the blade, the higher chances of an irritation or a burn. If a sharp blade hurts you, it will take time to heal but the dull blade will not give effective results either.

Hence, choose a blade that is painless and easily removes the stubble.

You need to take a look at the type of hair in terms of growth and thickness before you choose a blade. You can opt for a dull blade if you have fine hair but if you have excessive growth and thick beard, you will have to choose a sharp blade which makes it easier to get a clean shave. Simply considering the hair type is not important; you need to consider the skin as well.

You could have thick hair but very sensitive skin; in this case, using a sharp blade will cause a lot of pain. You may choose to experiment with different blades until you find the perfect one that meets your skin and hair requirements.

Most men are not really excited about experimenting with different blades and if one type of blade suits them, they prefer to stick to it. However, experimenting with different blades could mean you are getting closer to the perfect shave. Gillette razors and blades are well known across the globe. Their razors are expensive and so are the blades, there has been a lot of discussion about the cost of Gillette Fusion blades.

The cost of manufacture of the blades is very low but the selling price is more than double. A lot of consumers have questioned this policy by the brand but it has gained a monopoly in the market which is the reason consumers are willing to pay more for the same.

The Bearded Colonel offers the best solution with high-quality razors and blades. They sell their blades at a cost which is much lower than the cost of manufacture and they will deliver the blades at your doorstep. This means you no longer need to run errands or make a quick visit to the supermarket for a new razor. Their subscription service offers you quick and timely home delivery of the blades and razor.

You need to keep in mind that the blades and the razor should be replaced from time to time in order to maintain hygiene. A worn out razor will not give you the same results that a new razor will. Men’s fashion has undergone change and there are a lot of individuals who try different looks from time to time.

The high-quality razors and blades from the Bearded Colonel will help you achieve the perfect look with ease and convenience. The razors are easy to use and have an ergonomic design which adds to the comfort. They can be purchased online and will be delivered at the desired location within no time.

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