Memorize these 20 simple life-saving facts and you might be thankful one day!!!

1. Know how to escape zip ties.

If your assaulter is using zip ties. You can grasp/grip your body against itself and break the restraint.

2. Try to Learn some pressure points

Instead of fighting hard try to learn fight smart. If you know exactly where to strike, a fight will be over before it’s been started.

3. Before crossing look both side of the road even if the “walk” sign is lit.

If you’ve ever driven in a high-pedestrian traffic area like New York City, you know the level of concentration it takes…and you should also assume that most drivers are operating at an even lower level.

Before crossing look both side of the road even if the “walk” sign is lit

4. Don’t talk on the phone or text while crossing the road

Its always a good idea to look on both sides of the street while crossing the roads even when the “walk” sign is on and texting or talking on phone can create distraction (multitasking is not always good)

5. Most cell phones can dial the local emergency number when they’re locked, even without a SIM card.

6. You can use your head, it can do wonders.

Your head is a big, hard and armored. More than punches or kicks your well-placed headbutt can work wonders.

7. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

According to Muhammad Ali: One of the hardest target is moving target. Standing still makes you an easy target. But if you are able to keep moving, you can avoid attack- and give yourself an opening to make your move.

8. In the wilderness survival situation? Breathe through your nose, not your mouth

If you breathe through the mouth, moister will lose faster.

In the wilderness survival situation? Breathe through your nose, not your mouth

9. If you see a reflection of “red eyes” in any persons eye then visit a doctor as soon as possible

If you see red eye in any person, that indicate a case of retinoblastoma, which is a type of eye cancer.

10. Throw your wallet to create distraction

If such situation arise where you’re forced to give your wallet, don’t simply hand it over throw it a few feet away.

Chances are good your mugger will value grabbing the wallet more than keeping you at bay.

11. If you are being abducted scatter your belongings.

When you drop your belongings you are leaving evidence for yourself to be found. Oh by the way, that doesnt apply to your cell phone though!

12. Kitchen is the best place to be in case of home invasion

You have a lot of cabinets to hide and plus its full of weapons! you know where your knives are.

13. Check all the doors locks and windows when strangers leave the house.

14. Don’t be afraid to yell

Yell “HELP”,”ATTACK” or “911”. These words are urgency than the sound of whistle. So try not to use whistle.

Don’t be afraid to yell for help

15. If you stuck in a situation where there is no source of water, then try your best not to eat.

It’s the tendency of a human body that they can survive without food for 3-weeks, but without water only a few days. Eating will make you thirstier, so try not to eat.  The human body often follow the “Rules of Three”:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter from the elements
  • 3 days without drinking
  • 3 weeks without eating

16. When trapped in a burning building, keep your head down and inhale less

Fire victims often die from inhaling the poisonous carbon monoxide smoke rather than the fire itself. Poisonous smoke is hot and will rise up while the fresh air will remain close to the ground So cover your face with a wet towel for extra protection and inhale as less as you can

17. Resist eating the snow if you are at risk of hypothermia

If you ate snow then your body will consume more energy to expend and loose too much heat while attempting to melt the snow.

18. While running always try to keep money in your soles

You knew know when a situation might occur you are in need of a cab, first aid or a bottle of water.

19. Wear dual purpose jewelry

For example sometimes this type of ring can really really add to your style statement and can pack a punch.

A ring that is stylish and can still pack a punch in case of emergency

via Etsy / anjaguggenheim

20. When sleepy don’t drive. Take a nap instead

Crashes caused by dozing off at the wheel have the highest fatality rate of any kind of car accident.

[source: Quora]

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