Vadodara has many options for schools. There are many famous schools. Here are the top 5 schools.

  1. Navrachana International School, Vadodara

    Navrachana International School, Vadodara
    It is a well known English Medium School of Vadodara spread over 25 acres. It follows modern education system with best of facilities air conditioned academic and boarding. It is administered by 50 year old Navrachna Education Society. It is well surrounded with trees which provide best environment. It is located in Vasna-Bhayli Road, Vadodara. it keeps pace with the latest in trends and technology.

  2. The Bright School, Vadodara

    Baroda School
    It is one of the most prominent school in Vadodara. It comprises of quality and quantity- quality of teachers, quantity of students. It has a strength of more than 16000 students under the care of 1000 teaching and non teaching staff. It provides best environment for children to excel in their studies as well as in other fields.

  3. Billaboung High International School, Vadodara

    Billaboung High International School, Vadodara
    It was established in 2007 and has amazingly listed in best schools. The school proudly encourages children in all the fields. Environment for children to build their confidence is provided well. Not only education they focus on all the activities like swimming competition, bringing awareness in critical issues. It is located in Vadsar Kalali Ring Road, Vadodara.

  4. Delhi Public School, Vadodara

    Delhi Public School, Vadodara
    Education is more than mere learning for them. It comprises of skills and knowledge required in formulating the guiding principles which helps students to grow efficiently and prepare them to be capable enough to compete with the best with best values. It is located in TRANSPEK-VADSAR ROAD, KALALI, Vadodara.

  5. Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Vadodara

    Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Vadodara
    Kendriya Vidyalayas is spread all over the country. It is among the best option for all barodians. The school promises best quality education, they make sure if their children are perfectly encouraged in all other activities. They have a mission to pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education. It is located in Harni Rd, Sangam Char Rasta, Vadodara.

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