We never ever imagined that we would have to be stuck inside for so such a long time.

However, this time has also rendered us the opportunity to rekindle the relationship we lost with our family and dear ones. With the fast-paced lives, we were living.

Currently, we hardly sat together as a family and shared our moments with them.

The lockdown has given us an opportunity chance to go back to the days when the family time was the most valuable time of our days.

Here are a few ways which you can relate in which the lockdown has served in a best way families and us as well.

Family Mealtime

Sitting together, united to eat as a family was one of the most valuable things that we stopped doing-However, with the lockdown and all the family members at home, the tradition of eating together is back.

Dinner table conversations are best

Now that we are all eating as one family, we are also talking to our families much more than before. We are talking about our days, how we are feeling, and how we are coping with the pandemic, which has took our lives at a toll.

Household chores together – Helping Hand

Families are coming together as one accord to keep the house clean and stay away from infections. With the house helps not there to assist, everyone at home is doing chores from washing-sweeping, which makes them a perfect way to bond as well!

We feel offended less

You definitely understand your family much better after the lockdown is all over. You are also more welcoming to their thoughts and ideas and naturally tend to get a little less annoyed by things you might have otherwise get offended with.

We are eating more Ghar ka Khana- (Home Food)

Given the lockdown, you are not able to order food from outside restaurants and cafe- which clearly means we are having home-cooked meals more frequently. Precisely what our spouses and parents always wanted to. This also reveals you are even eating healthy and also eating on time.

Board games are back in the league

Do you remember how we spent our childhood with these games, but never got the time to enjoy and sit with them when we grew up older. However, they have made a grand re-entrance into our lives this lockdown and pandemic. Be it virtually or physically playing games with our friends and families; we are enjoying our childhood again.

You have become more empathetic

The more time you confer with your family members, you end up understanding them in a much better way. However, the lockdown has given more time to accept them and the things they believe in!

During this tough time, Family units have become closer than ever .

The simple and pure joy of cooking

Now is the time that everyone and all are coming together to experiment and try something new for dinner every day. Cooking is an excellent way to bring the family together and this way you will never get bored of the dinner either.

Extra time for hobbies!

There has always been so much you desired to do but never got the time to do so. It is time to unleash the artist and creativity in you and spend time with all your hobbies you were missing. 

It’s the best way to take care of your mental health.

More time to spend with ourselves

You have more time with yourself and your thoughts. This makes the lockdown the perfect for some introspection and stepping out of it a better, more aware person.

Have a quality time ahead, Stay safe, Stay indoors. Keep reading and sharing Debongo!

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