They are capable of attacking the farm and destroy acres of crops, they cannot be taken lightly. The locust when acts in unison can act as a great power of nature and ruin everything that comes in their way.

Check out the video below to see how these small creatures can cause havoc when combined together.

The video caption reads:

“A state of emergency has been declared in southern Russia after a huge swarm of locusts spread over 70,000 hectares devastating crops.
In near apocalyptic scenes millions of the insects have caused drivers to swerve to avoid them.
Officials say at least 10% of the south’s farmland has been destroyed – with aircraft used in an attempt to disrupt them.
The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has declared a state of emergency but seem powerless to combat the locusts.
Every year swarms of the insect from north Africa appear in the south feeding on crops.
But this year locals think the unusually warm weather has caused thousands more to arrive.
Farmers have started fires to stop the insects, which can eat their own body weight in food every day.
Local officials say it’s the worst locust swarm the area has seen in 30 years.
Farmer, Pyotr Stepanchenka, from the Stavropol region, was distraught when interviewed by CNN.
‘There is nothing left of the corn, he said.’ ‘The locusts ate it all, from the leaves to the cobs.’
State news reports are suggesting the plague has been caused by climate change.

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