One of my friends saw a post online by Carvetise and she was stunned. Carvetise is an advertising company which pays the driver for putting an advertisement on his car. Everyone needs extra income source. If you are one of them looking for additional income you should opt for this option. You can consider this as a passive source of income. A college student can surely earn some extra pay for his or her daily expenses. My friend has 2017 Kia Soul and she applied for the advertisement after researching and going through the reviews. A few weeks later the company put the add on her car and now she was earning money.

While car advertisements are a significant source of income, the industry is rampant of frauds and scams. If you are looking for this passive source of income, you need to know these few things.

The amount you get to advertise

Research says on an average Americans spend 26 minutes on commuting every day. I am sure you like to spend your driving time with your favorite music along with that you can earn some money during the commute.

Companies like Carvertise will pay the driver to advertise on your car. Carvertise is the agency that works with local businesses to develop the ads. These advertisements are to connect with the local target audience. If you are selected as the driver, the company will apply colorful decals to your car for the period you choose. The longer your commute, the more amount of money you get paid. The more you drive, the more the business gets exposure and the more you get paid. Now it all depends on your commute, location and campaign. You can earn between $100 – $400 a month. My friend was paid $300 for the entire month in total. $150 at the start of the campaign and $150 at the end of the month.

Car advertisements cannot replace your salary. It is a source of extra income.

Processing of car wraps

Once you have signed up for car Advertisement Company, they will want to record your location, daily mileage and car. You will have to enter the above information with the car advertisement company. Carvertise has a minimum requirement of 25 miles daily driving. They also need your car to be a 2005 or newer model.

If you have customized paint or special finish on your car, then your car might be ineligible for the add company. As it can affect the overall car wrap look. Important company requirement-

  • Your vehicle has factory paint
  • You have a clean driving record

You have submitted your application if you fit the criteria the company requires they will select you for the upcoming campaign. Once you are selected, you will get a call from the company. But you don’t get to choose the advertisement. If you think the ad is inappropriate, you can opt out.

If you agree to go ahead, the company will send a specialist to stick the decals on your car. The adhesive used to adhere the decals is specially made for vehicles so that your car paint is not hampered and there aren’t any scratches on your car. You can choose to run this campaign between one month to six months. Once the campaign is over, you will have to make an appointment with some other company to remove the decal.

Know the legitimacy of the company

By experience, I can say this is quite similar to applying for jobs. When you apply for a job you do a lot of research, look into the company status. There will be a few companies who will offer you work and ask you to deposit some amount in their accounts. This surely a fake group. FTC has issued a warning about car wrap companies scamming consumers. Even in car add campaigns can fool you with different schemes.

Guidelines to recognize a legitimate company

They don’t charge– A real company won’t charge you for an application fee. You should be earning money for the marketing services you provide not paying.

Wrapping Cost– If any company asks you to pay for covering cost look for other options because a legit company bears the wrapping and unwrapping costs.

Minimum standards– A shady company will not do any background check on your car model and your lousy driving record. They are just interested in your money. A legit company will surely ask you to fill in these details on your application form.

They will check your insurance– To drive for a legitimate company you will always have to proof your insurance coverage.

Customer Service Line– In case you have questions, or you run into a problem during your campaign you should have the option to contact a company representative.

Extra incomes can help you cover up those expenses. In case you are facing a financial crunch, or you are a student and want to earn some extra money for your college expenses, this is an excellent option for you. But being aware of the company and not falling into a trap is the legit way to go.

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